Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Progressive 2012.

When the year 2012 kicked off, I was quite energetic in writing various stuffs, but as the year progressed by, events that were more vital came one after another as I was in the final stage of completing my Bachelors degree. In times, I became more stressful and frustrating when things did not turn up the way I expected. However, I never let my hope die and deep in my soul, I had kept the patience to wait and tolerance to face the odds.

Though at one point of the time, I was not in a position to attend the requirements of BCSE 2012 formalities, through various tactics of our own and arrangements made by the college authorities, we could write our PE and attend the NGOP before we got our degrees in hand. To narrate how we managed is a painful interesting story. So, as the events that I faced indicates, I became busier as time passed by, and sadly I could not write a single post during the month of September. Nor could I read the update of our active Bhutanese bloggers.

Today, I can say the year 2012 has been a progressive one, though I am sitting idly without doing much productive works. Nor did I apply to any of the vacancies, as I am aspiring to join the Bhutan Civil Service Cadre. Having made through to the Main Exams of RCSC with good marks in Preliminary Exam, I have done my best in the Main Exams that was conducted on 12-14th October 2012 despite having limited time for preparation. Being in the technical category, the competition is not very tough as the number of vacancies in our category (Forestry) has exceeded the number of candidates after the declaration of PE results and this gives me a hope to thrive the most premier exam in Bhutan.
this is what I seek: courtesy: google

Starting 22nd October, our competent graduates have entered the final stage of clearing the Bhutan Civil Service Exam by giving their Viva Voce which has 20% weightage. Mine is due on 27th of this month but I am little confused about how to go ahead to face the panel. Meanwhile I will keep my fingers crossed and seek the blessings from almighty and good wishes from my friends to have a successful interactive session with the panels on my coming big day. The complete story of the year can only be revealed once the result of the BCSE is out and I acquire a secure place to sit and work on.


  1. A very best of luck for the Viva, and all your future endeavors bro!
    Keep writing as well.

  2. Lethro,

    I remember sharing my Viva Voce experience. please read my

    I am not blowing my own trumpet here but during our time I topped in Viva voce. out of 30, i think i got a decent 26.

    And my last viva voce was one which i attended while i was competing for my current scholarship. and I also topped there too. I got 26 out of 30...

    During viva voce, there are few things you should bear in mind.
    1. Don't look nervous
    2. Dress up smartly
    3. Answer the question in the language it is being asked.
    4. When a panelist asks you something, Face them and look into his eyes.
    5. Be honest, don't over do anything....go with the flow.
    6. if you are asked to introduce yourself, then tell them about your strengths (more). speak only things that you are comfortable and have a good knowledge about it.
    7. When u walk in, Greet the panelists' and thank them when you walk out...
    8. smile a lot....
    9. display reasonable level of humbleness
    10. always remember that 'simple and humble is the temple of god'

    till then all the best.

    Kuenzang (PSN)

  3. @ Tshewang: Thanks a lot for your good wishes. :)

    @ Kuenzang sir: I have gone through your post on interview once again, though I read it during your time of posting it only. :) Its encouraging.
    I am also very thankful to you for the basic tips that you shared here. I will try to follow it and will give my best when the days comes. Thank you once again.

  4. Best wishes. I think you will do very well. Kuenzang's experience would be very handy, worth a solid how-to book. You blogging experience will help you so much because we have discussed every topic that ever touched our country.
    And remember, no matter what the result is,It's NOT "The complete story of the year" Just having a good "result of the BCSE .... and ... a secure place to sit and work on."should not be your ultimate goal.
    You must work ever day of your life like you have worked every day so far.

  5. Good luck dear Leythro. hope you get all the best of your luck for the coming times. Cheers:)

  6. @ Passu sir: Thank you for teaching me to look broader and wider. I will strive to work hard every day. I am also thinking that the blogging experience will be a plus point for me.

    @ Sonam sir: Thanks a lot for your warm wishes la. :)