Sunday, 28 October 2012

Where will my destiny lie?

The Bhutan Civil Service Exam has been always considered the final hurdle for the university graduates to land in to the civil service cadre of Bhutan. Being a graduate of 2012, I too had the privilege of facing this prestigious exam of the country. For those who are well prepared and determined to join the civil service and serve the nation, it is more of an opportunity but BSCE the erstwhile RCSE is a big hurdle land a job in civil service. For me, it turned out to be a wonderful privilege to experience the procedures of this esteemed exam.

Since the day of registration for the exam, my mind had been filled with mixed feelings and thoughts about how to prepare for it, face it and clear it to reach a more comfortable platform. Having cleared the preliminary stage and got the opportunity to write the main exams of the BCSE, the final procedure of the same is to face the panel of viva voce, for which my turn came yesterday.

Writing examinations had been the oldest and most comfortable experience that we have seasoned since our admission to pre-primary but never in my life had I sat for interviews to contest for the vacancies. The only vivid experience I had was facing my own professors during the final viva voce during my final semester back in the university.

It is not as easy as one thinks. It is even more difficult to speak out at a go without organizing the thoughts in the mind first and that too in front of a panel, who are well-versed professionals and high ranked officials. This is my conclusion from my first ever interview and this calls for more preparedness, confidence and eloquence in speaking.

The questions that the member of the panel asked were not tough which requires excessive scratching of head so I have given the answers for every question without having to say “sorry sir”. However, my answers, as I reflect back were more simple and precise, without much organization of thoughts, which hampered my presentation. That I felt is due to my promptness in replying and speaking as I thought which not a good habit. I felt that, we need to take few seconds after the question to organize our thoughts.

Just for an instance, one member of the panel asked me what strategies I would suggest for contributing to the national revenue from the forest without compromising the quality and coverage of the same. To this, I promptly expressed the need of extensive plantations on the vacant Government Reserved Forest lands which can be harvested after certain years for sale in local industries so that the country need not have to implement the policy of importing timbers from outside. I added that there is a need to encourage private forestry at individual level, which will help them generate income by the sale of the products or meet their own basic requirements. These two activities won’t hamper the quality and coverage of natural forest and in this way, my response came to an end.

As I reflected back later, there are more strategies, which can be divided into different categories like the sustainable harvesting of non-wood forest products and their marketing, encouraging ecotourism and other recreational activities for the tourists, and of course the for mentioned point.

So my first interaction with interviewers has given me a good experience of facing similar panels in the future by applying the lessons which I have learnt from it. There is also a need for the contestants to keep updated with the current affairs and national history. For now, I am done with all the inputs for the BCSE 2012, and the result of which will be declared by the end of November will decide my final destiny.

The profession has been my choice, let me wait and see the chances for my destiny. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Progressive 2012.

When the year 2012 kicked off, I was quite energetic in writing various stuffs, but as the year progressed by, events that were more vital came one after another as I was in the final stage of completing my Bachelors degree. In times, I became more stressful and frustrating when things did not turn up the way I expected. However, I never let my hope die and deep in my soul, I had kept the patience to wait and tolerance to face the odds.

Though at one point of the time, I was not in a position to attend the requirements of BCSE 2012 formalities, through various tactics of our own and arrangements made by the college authorities, we could write our PE and attend the NGOP before we got our degrees in hand. To narrate how we managed is a painful interesting story. So, as the events that I faced indicates, I became busier as time passed by, and sadly I could not write a single post during the month of September. Nor could I read the update of our active Bhutanese bloggers.

Today, I can say the year 2012 has been a progressive one, though I am sitting idly without doing much productive works. Nor did I apply to any of the vacancies, as I am aspiring to join the Bhutan Civil Service Cadre. Having made through to the Main Exams of RCSC with good marks in Preliminary Exam, I have done my best in the Main Exams that was conducted on 12-14th October 2012 despite having limited time for preparation. Being in the technical category, the competition is not very tough as the number of vacancies in our category (Forestry) has exceeded the number of candidates after the declaration of PE results and this gives me a hope to thrive the most premier exam in Bhutan.
this is what I seek: courtesy: google

Starting 22nd October, our competent graduates have entered the final stage of clearing the Bhutan Civil Service Exam by giving their Viva Voce which has 20% weightage. Mine is due on 27th of this month but I am little confused about how to go ahead to face the panel. Meanwhile I will keep my fingers crossed and seek the blessings from almighty and good wishes from my friends to have a successful interactive session with the panels on my coming big day. The complete story of the year can only be revealed once the result of the BCSE is out and I acquire a secure place to sit and work on.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Wangdue Phodrang- The Palace That Unites.

The destiny seems blurred when the historic edifice was reduced to rumbles by fire within hours. The nation was shocked and startled; the people shed their tears in agony and the only hopes were for the reconstruction of a new fortress, which is going to be a herculean task.
source: flickr.

However, with the blessings from almighty and guardian deities; with the munificent and reassuring guidance of His Majesty the King and with the profound faith and dedication by the people of the spiritual Bhutan, the blurred destiny is now giving way to a great achievement- The Unity of the Sovereignty.

When Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel contemplated of building a fortress on the ridge resembling a sleeping elephant more than three centuries ago, his vision was to unite the entire Drukyul under one reign and so did the vision turned into a successful mission. And today, when due to multifarious perceptions in human minds cause a diversion in society in the ever metamorphosing world, once again, Bhutan is reminded of the strength of unity by losing the age old preserved edifice to fire.
on the fateful day of June 24, 2012.

Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation has made a noble initiative of raising funds for the reconstruction of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong, by offering a platform for the devoted citizens from every nook and cannery whereby they can make their offering in both cash and kind. Those who could afford have contributed in lakhs, and those who could not made their little own gestures. There were instances where the age old preserved jewelry of the family being donated to for the welfare of dzong construction and there are pledges and promises made by others to contribute more during the event of dzong construction. These events through LIVE broadcasting by BBS have tremendously moved the confused nationals to higher level of unity which none of the world saw in their history.

Today, as BBS presented the total collection of over Nu. 60 million to the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs at the closing ceremony of their fund collection drive, our people would be deeply humbled to have made their little efforts for the reconstruction of mighty Wangdue Phodrang Dzong. People have been deeply obliged to BBS for the giant step taken that they have taken for the welfare of nation.

May there be a steady Resurrection of the great Wangdue Phodrang Dzong. 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

September Post.

Sad to learn that there was not a single post for my blog during the September month, so I post this verse which I posted as status via mobile one day before the Blessed Rainy Day on my facebook. 

Tomorrow, the heaven will weep,
It will shed tears, not of sadness but ecstasy.
The heavens tears, it won’t flood but cleanse,
Flooding off, the negative virtues and karmic sins.
 Thus you will be blessed,
Of peace and prosperity, health and happiness.
Of laughter and love not momentary but eternal.
So I wish one and all,
A wonderful day of Blessed Rain,
Soaking in it not of compulsion but joy,
 Getting rid of not positive virtues but sins.
Together with kith and kin, you shall rejoice,
With bowl