Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bhutanese Bloggers Tag.

Once I became a dynamic blogger, posting more than 10 stuffs in a month, posting via mobile while on a journey, posting poems, posting Dzongkha Tsoms, but then, it was when I was back in the college. But this year I lost the rhythm to write and post, often leaving my blog empty for months, and my blog hit never increased, which is sad on my part. While I lost the muse to write, internet connectivity has become a constraint as well, but with this interesting e-Conference for the Bhutanese Bloggers initiated by madam Rekha, I want to reveal my answers for the same;

1. Why did you start blogging in the first place? And what’s the story behind your blog title?
I don’t know whether I write good or I just scribble haphazard lines to form a article, but I was writing few during my high school days itself. Then, I use to compile all the short stories that we wrote during the English class, the poetries and the essays and use to arrange them in a sequence Essay I, Esssay II, and so on as and when we were asked to write one by the English teacher. Yes, I won a Third Prize in Open Essay writing competition held during my +2 both in English and Dzongkha. 

However, I didn’t blog then as I don’t write frequently and besides there was no internet facilities. It was during my third year of the college days that I took up blogging. I was on Blogger since April 2010, but my first post appeared only in November 2010. It took me almost six months to become an active blogger with regular prose and verse feeding my blog. Now you might be wondering why I took such a long time to start posting articles on my blog. The reasons are obvious. I didn't know what blogging is in first hand and secondly I thought Blogs are meant for some good and nearly perfect write ups. Besides I am one such person whose writing contains neither charm nor fun, so I feared sharing such nonsense of mine on Blogsphere, where world wide web can view it. But with time, I became an active blogger to share my verses, the fateful incidents and progresses in my life, which I believe is the continuity of fate as depicted by my name and so is my blog name Leythro-The Continuity of Fate.

2. How long have you been blogging? Where are you based?
November 2010 till date counts my duration of blogging into almost three years and I am based at Tshangkha, Trongsa since January 2013, but I don’t reach Trongsa as and when I desire so I don’t know much about the happenings in Trongsa.

3. How do you schedule your blog post? Daily or weekly? Or as and when inspiration strikes you?
In the past I make sure that I update my blog at least once in a week and I was able to maintain that schedule but since my coming to Tshangkha, I failed to update my blog even once in a month. I wish to share with my visitors some stunning photos from the nature but then I could possess and quality camera so I failed here as well. However I write as and when inspiration strikes me.

4. Does your family and friends know about your blog?
Well, most of my friends know that I maintain a blog and they sometimes appreciate and acknowledge my work.  In some instances I have helped my friends develop one for them, but they ended by posting a single post and not more. Regarding my family, they are based in the tiny hamlet of Darilo, illiterate and ignorant but few of my cousins know that I maintain a blog and they keep advising for a regular update.

Thank You.


  1. Nice one, bro. Loved reading it. The question regarding family has similar answers with boys like us from hamlets. Hope you are doing fine. You write well, bro. In your hay days, you were one of the most active bloggers really. Never mind, keep updating as and when you can. Your blog still have more number of hits than mine. Mine seems to not change at all. haha. Nice day!

  2. e-Conference would be too much of a term for this blogger's Tag Leoparsica. Let's call it simply a blogger's tag :).

    I'm so glad that you took this tag up. You remind me of winning an English Essay Competition in my 8th standard.

    Please share your awesome photos, I do not believe in a good camera, I believe in good photography skills and photoshop which I'm sure you can pull off pretty well.

  3. Its nice to hear from you. Keep posting.

  4. Didn't know that u are in Trongsa...anyways, keep writing...don't be like me..:P

  5. So glad to see your blog's journey here. I do miss reading your articles ~
    I have never been to Trongsa so I would love to see the pictures :)


  6. I alys enjoy ur write- up. So keep writing! :)

  7. Thank You friends, for dropping by and taking your time to comment on it.