Monday, 12 August 2013

What is in the Young?

What is in the young
Is not forces of diversion but unity,
In young is the dynamism and not enervation. 
The young is hope and not desperation,
The dreams of young are the reality in disguise,
The ability in youth is their beauty
And in their beauty is the happiness.

Young is green as summer, 
And immune to arid winter.
Buoyancy as spring are the young
And like autumn colours
Youths are ever fruitful
In young, there is no season.

Youth shall move, forward and upward,
Trough the rugged terrains with tears,
With sweats and pains
To grasp the fruit of endeavour, the Success;
In the young is Determination.

Celebrating International Youths Day.


  1. Thanks, Dr Yoen for taking time to read and comment on it.

  2. Yeahhhhhhhh, I am young and I have no season :)
    Great Poem on Youth Lethro. Loved it!

  3. Thank You Yeesi, for making a sudden visit and taking your time to comment on it. :)