Thursday, 8 September 2016

Overcoming Our Mind

Human mind is strange. It can think in a diversity of ways and take us into realms unknown. While positive thinking can shape you into a beautiful being, negativity can doom us dramatically. In our life, we will have lots of ups and down: we have summers of hope and we will face the winters of despair; we aspire for bed of roses and we encounter the perils of thorns; we swim the stillness of oceans and tides havoc our moves; life is uncertain and uncertainty is what we will have to live with. Whether to complain or exclaim should be determined by oneself by being mindful. Rose and thorn are a single object; either we can complain that roses have thorns or rejoice that thorns borne roses. Similarly water and tides are one and same thing; swimming along the tides or against it makes us determine their differences. 
We all have professional goals and we all aspire to reach higher in the bureaucratic hierarchy. In the dynamic web of ecological systems, there is only one apex carnivore that would regulate the entire biological process. All species are not equal. Same applies to us. All man are not equal in their luck, intelligence and perseverance. Not all of us can become the boss. As we climb up the ladder from early career to mid-career, we will face lots of pressure and unless you feel it, you won't value where you reach later on. For example, I would have remained in chaotic state for lack of designated responsibility and duty but that also offers me with the freedom to do what I wish. Of course I shouldn't be carried away with the negativity that I am left uncared and that I shouldn't lose the hope. There are many people who failed in their early career but became renowned later on. Everybody refers Bill Gates as an inspiring personality when it comes to failure. After dropping out Harvard, Gates didn't seem like a shoe-in for success but has later created the global empire of Microsoft. While success story of this kind would be inevitable, good days will definitely await our ways. 

Love and relationship are crucial in our lives. Creation of Eve for Adam was the noble idea of God so when Gods couldn't bear the existence of being alone, we are subjects to God. Not all love stories are beautiful; not all persons will be with whom they love. Be it a legendary tale of Paris and Helen or the articulated play of Romeo and Juliet, it is difficult to complete the romance in full symphony. Love is lyrical essence, comical in nature and tragic in fate. However it is inevitable and indispensable in life. To get a love where you love somebody truly and getting the same in reciprocal is difficult. It needs compromises and sacrifices. When it comes to marriage, love alone would never be enough: two factors that are requisite would be trustworthiness and faithfulness. Partners should not create a scene behind the mirror just because it is opaque. We should be mindful that mirror is also composed of a transparent crystalline material called glass. We should use love as a driving force to move higher, healthier and stronger. Feel blessed when you meet someone who loves you or when someone agrees on your proposal of love. Don't get yourself compelled into relation for need of wealth, look, religion and family prestige. Know the impermanence of every phenomenon and don't end up wasting years on year. Yet don't lose hope in love. For an instance, if I love a girl, I should be able to except in her worst. After being in relationship, if misunderstandings arise, I should cope up with it and sort out things for betterment than blatantly putting an end to the beautiful moments. Life should have some bitter moments to value the taste of sweetness. To love is to succeed as the proverb goes, "behind every successful man, there is a special woman and vice versa". Our life partners are the integral part of our heart and soul that would should last till the end.
We often lost our mind when we have two things, a good job and a good lover. We forget one important constituent of our lives, our parents and siblings. Since our stepping on the soul of Mother Earth in the form of human from ephemeral zygotes, it's our parents who nurtured and groomed us. They take care of us when we are most susceptible, and build us into beautiful persons with respectable images in the society. Yes, our parents ail and age and our siblings takes their own paths. It's true that ultimately we will have to sustain ourselves with our own job and rear our own family but remembering our parents and siblings, helping them during the needs and keeping connected with them would help us develop good fortunes for ourselves. The circle of karma is invisible but the effect of karmic fate will determine our intuitions.
Remove the negativity and inculcate positivity. Life is beautiful with positive energy. It is the positive energy that can have a lasting impact in overcoming our mind. Live life by choices but we should miss the chances to bring in beautiful changes in our lives.

Rafting is perilous but with unity, rhythmic, and most importantly being mindful of one self, waves and tides, creeks and falls are nothing but factors that make the journey adventurous. So is life. 
(A post of October 15, 2015)


  1. Warmest greetings to you from Malaysia.
    You have written a beautiful post which I agree with every lines said. I just posted in my blog which is similar that our journey is no path of roses. I have come a long way in life and faced many obstacles which had made me wiser. I always believe that everyone here is using their merits and karma to trade with each other.

    Happy weekend to you.

    1. Thank you for the beautiful comment and joining in my sea of opinions. Life is what we think of.
      Happy weekends too.