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Sunday, 2 October 2016

The Academic Journeys: Seeing the Hope!

The world is a vast dictionary with diversity of words and vocabularies. While new words keep evolving, many old ones would have already extinct. We learn the words and numerous words together educate us. Learning would remain a lifelong process and it doesn’t necessarily should happen in a University. Even inmates can learn from their cells and farmers, from the mountains to reveal the geniuses of the shades. However in the materialistic world, a University degree is what counts at the end to claim being educated or learned. On the contrary, learning in the University obliges us more to read and study, and therefore for me, I always feel that I can study and learn better being in a school.
Learning must go on.

No sooner did I completed my Bachelor’s degree and landed a job than I have dreamt of pursuing a further study. Our system restricts us to pursue long-term studies until we complete three years of service and this maintains a long break before we move to the next degree. However, it’s during this gap that we gain more practical experiences and directs us towards more focused path than choosing a field of study blindly. Into the field of nature conservation I was immersed and for cause of nature conservation I should learn. That was my direction and focus. Thus I have sought the advices and inspirations of my mentors in conservation. Unfortunately, we can’t really pursue what we desire owing to financial constraints. To get a degree is not cheap and we have to rely on scholarships to successfully complete the complete the course. And the scholarships don’t come easily and not always offer the course as one desire. Besides hundreds of candidate eye on a single scholarship and it’s competitive. While we should be able to present ourselves in the modest form, we should be luckier.
Looking Ahead!

As English Language Test results are vital documents in applying for scholarships, I obtained my IELTS results in February 2015 readied myself for international applications. Endeavour Scholarship is the most sought after scholarship by the Bhutanese. Studying in Australia not only accomplishes your academic dreams but also makes you richer in terms of monetary gain. Obtaining it would be a real blessing but my luck for it was too feeble. 

I had my first disappointment with the Endeavour Scholarship results in October 2015, which is when I raised my hope for studying in Europe. My aim is to go for my Masters Degrees as early as possible after completing the three years of service. ERASMUS MUNDUS, NUFFIC and DAAD are the leading scholarship providers from Europe. In terms of stipend, ERASMUS and NUFFIC pay you better as DAAD gives € 750.00 only per month. Browsing for the courses offered, Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation (LENC) under DAAD caught my eyes. Than I saw new hopes. 


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