Sunday, 19 February 2017

Ultimate Path

The heath that best suit the sunbath,
It's soaked and slid with summers rain.
The pond that best quenched my thirsts,
It's shrunken into ice by winters frosts.
When into the eclipse, the moon entangles,
The mundane world appears darker than usual.

The beauteous blossoms in spring garden,
The hail has it tattered the frail petals.
The melodies of cuckoos, it is fading
As they fly away to the distant autumns.
Like the setting of sun into crimson horizon,
Each embrace of happiness is now at losing end.

The sensational joy of togetherness, 
Like the emerald dew, its drying away,
The alluring moments of love and laughter,
Karmic fate has it made fleeting.
Amidst the steams of mist as I traverse,
In wheel of Dharma, I see the ultimate solace.

(Adapted from of Gelong Sumdhar Tashi)

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