Tuesday, 7 March 2017

I Received a Post Card

I don’t remember vividly when I received the last postal letter, but it was sometime during my Schooling days in lower secondary school. I got a letter from a friend studying in a school in different district and it was a warm gesture of valuing friendship. It could have been my bad if I have not replied back to her. Sadly, I also don’t remember where I have kept the letter. It must have turned into dust long before, but I am happy that our friendship grew only stronger and values keep enriching. If not of fond memories of playing in the fields and studying together in schools, there are hardly any evidences of lasting friendship. Thank you for the friendship. Also my elder brother use to send me letters from Wangdue and I use to feel immense joy on receiving them from him. That was much earlier when I was studying in the primary schools. He also put in a note of Nu. 5 or Nu. 10 with the letters and that made me happier. I never asked my brother and sister at home to give me money while going to school from home as a day scholar and they hardly give any. So getting a Nu. 5 note, together with the letters was a big sum for me. Again, I am not sure whether I ever replied to him, sorry my dear brother Dawa. I am not really sure whether I wrote any letters to my friends. That’s strange part of me. Letters that I wrote from the mountains remained as mere gestures in my diaries.

However, sending wishing cards to friends was quite common until my high school days. I use to receive a few from my friends and I too sent to few of them. However this has a different taste because it is just an exchange of greeting among the friends, with whom we share daily doses of life. I now feel that sending letters in longer range is more special.

Coming to the postcards, my experience was only decorating the song books with them. Post cards for me were those depicting Bollywood actors and hardly had any knowledge with other contents. Again the sad part is I don’t know many of actors. Being a shepherd during winter vacations until I completed class 10 when our dear sheep were finally sold away, I hardly watched any Bollywood movie. I just knew few of them while in school and I use to collect a few to decorate song books, which I was fond of maintaining until my early University days. But little did I realize that post cards are meant to travel even further, crossing international borders, and particularly sent while on vacation to share the travelling experiences and love messages precisely but openly without the need of an envelope. However I didn’t receive any and nor did I sent one so I am devoid of a good experience of how we feel to receive one and to sent one.

Time has evolved and habits have changed. In the days of cell phones, email, and text messages, letter writing and sending postcards can seem hopelessly outdated. It is indeed a dying art in the wake of modern telecommunication and specially the advanced social networking through internet. Yet I am lucky to get one Post Card today. My letter box generally remains empty except for few documents from the university. I did a random check-up today and I am surprised to find a post card addressed to me. With the gleaming city of Bangkok, it reminded my short travel to that “City of Angels” two years ago. The postcard also had borne a postal stamp of the Late but the Great King of Thailand, His Majesty Bhumibol. Such strong messages it possesses. Coming into the message, I am glad to learn that my friend could finally break bucket lists of travelling the globe after the studies, with the first destination being Bangkok Thailand. I am happier that you had a good experience there and I wish you many more beautiful travels, exploring and adventuring throughout the world. More than anything, I am happy to receive the first post card in my life. Thank you for the beautiful postcard with beautiful message of hopes for me.

I am not sure, how many friends visit my blog and read my stuffs. My purpose of keeping it is to keep some records of my feelings, experiences and thoughts. Had any one of you read through it, please drop me your postal addresses in the comment. I would love to send some post cards from different cities in Europe. I have few trips planned in the last week of this month and you could receive a colourful post card from the cities I visit.

Thank you. 

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