Saturday, 22 January 2011

Like the Flowing River

I first posted this creation of mine on WAB, on 18th December 2010, but I feel its worthy repeating the same post here.

Like the flowing river,
With its source high in the pristine mountains.
The journey of our life,
Commences from the purity of mother’s womb.

With the striking of golden rays,
The pristine peaks melt giving its way.
And with a new dawn, we pace our first step,
Toward the unknown destiny of lifelong quest.
Unlike the river descending from high cliffs,
With sparkling droplets from split splashes,
We ascend every stair, listening to our rhythmic heart;
Though without bliss, but with glowing hopes.

Like the river rushing through the rugged terrains,
Life pierces through the odds of challenges.
With every single step we take,
The roughness of obstacles plays its part.
And amid the valleys, the river meanders,
Retaining its beauty and exhibiting its selflessness.
Life now breaks the toughest of barrier,
Thus sensing the glitters of long longed triumph.
Finally pours its water into infinite ocean,
Where waves caress the shores like an ardent lover.
And there the destiny awaits our deserved win
With colourful bouquets; thus fate pays our toil.


  1. marvelous bro.. i adored the way you relate our lyf with the flowing river... jiggs jiggss ..

  2. hey man gud one..........just love it....keep up....

  3. Thanks for droping by, Phub. keep visiting.