Monday, 31 January 2011

A Casual Talk with my Friend.

He was my village companion, our parents shared the same pasture land, my cousins know him well, yet two of us were strangers to each other until one day I received a message from him while chatting on facebook. Through facebooking I came to acquaint him properly. I came to learn that he was studying in Kolkata, a night journey from my college.

“It’s near, why don’t you make a visit out here during your weekends “he welcomed wholeheartedly.
“Indeed it’s a great pleasure for me. I will try if time permits" I responded him.

He gives me his number and I gave him mine. We talked and shared the happenings back home, the health and soundness of our relatives, and indeed those thrilling experiences which we experienced over the peaks, though not together.

Often we use to have casual talks.

“Hey bro,” he called me. “How u doing.”
“I am doing good bro; let me hear your status"
“I am fine as well, ahh bro; our exams got postponed, so with this shit, I will be free for another month.”
“Oh this things happens everywhere, our last semester exam was delayed by a week and that of the third semester by almost a month. Such things really infuriate.” I paused for a while. I never thought that such things happen most of the colleges in India.

“But with the exams postponed, you will get another month to prepare for it right,” I continued laughingly.

“That’s for sure but this hampers our itinerary, we cannot always be in the college our life, we will have search for the un-lost thing called job, make a living and then of course many others,”

“Yeah, you are right brother but there is nothing we can do when the administrative system out here in our colleges are not that good. I appreciate the way the colleges in our country functions.”

As such we talked and talked. It’s cheap to make calls in India; one rupee can talk for two STD minutes, unlike the expensive call rates with each minute costing more than one Ngultrum back home.

Again a couple of days ago, I chatted with a friend of mine in Kolkata.
“Hi.., how u doing man?” I typed.
“Hello, I am doing good. How r u?” was his reply.
“I am fine as well. So how about your class today?”
“Yeah I went....normal as usual.”

He is now in his final semester and within a month or two, he will be done with the formalities required for completing the degree.

“So how is your progress for the year?” I asked him

“Yeah ...almost touching the summit of my college days... few more days to go now.” Was his reply.

As anticipated he asked me about mine. But I didn’t have good news to share with him.
It has been more than two weeks now that the non-teaching staffs called a strike with regards to their pay. It’s human nature to be greedy, not necessarily all. Classes were suspended completely during the first week of strike. On the following week, the college authorities said that the college will be open and classes will resume as the professors are not on strike this time. We went to the college to attend classes but to our utter disgust, classes remained locked and found professors, standing by the shield of their cars. No, classes didn’t happen. Our semester exams are just few weeks away and by now, we should be doing our practicals, but they are all impeded. We are left with no alternatives but simply to wait and see as the strike is uncertain. If their demands are met, then it can be called off now and then. But looking at the nature the higher authorities are functioning and hearing from fellow students, it seems that it will continue for another week or two. with this most probably our exams are going to be delayed by at least one week. 

Is this a characteristic of democracy? If so, then let not such events happen in colleges of our tiny Bhutan.

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