Monday, 10 January 2011

The White Flakes

white Buddha ( Jan 2011); source: the journalist
Cumulus and the nimbus, the different clouds gather,
From near and far, the gusty winds bring them together,
And temperature drops down, lowest to its minimum,
Thus solidifies, the mists and moistures at higher datum.
It’s the fall of beautiful snow.

From the heavenly abode, it descends like a fairy angel,
Swinging and floating in air, dancing like songs of nightingale,
So tiny are its crystals, which we refer as white flake,
Reaching earth it covers all, irrespective of blue and black.
It’s the purity of almighty’s bless.

Though chilly and cold, still all awaits its arrival,
While in adversity, some creatures fight for survival.
The children with thick jackets, they sob in joy,
With their creations, and rolling down their whitish toy.
It’s the cheers for chill.

At home, the family gathers by the warmth of hearth,
Together they share the laughter and jokes around earth.
And with a delicious porridge, peeping through the windows,
Sees the white blanket shrouding all meadows.
It’s the warmth of silvery flakes.

Overcast are the sun and moon by the dominant clouds.
The snow adorns the leafless trees, and towns see no crowds.
Yet at passes the vehicles halt, and the travelers yell in agony
And frowns as cold drench the warmness of their body,
It’s the cold beauty of snow.

And the village folk believe in their old myth;
“Timely fall meant a bountiful year with lots of wealth,
Disease and ailments perish, and they get paid their toil
Consequently peace and prosperous prevail in their soil."
It’s brings faith in natures call.

As soft as the silky wool, yet as clear as the crystalline glass,
The snow in its purest form, afloat so silent yet never motionless.
It cleanses the world of misery and sorrow, the woe and sins,
Thus in rejoice, they eat and drink, all together the kith and kins.
It’s snow of health and happiness.

White Nirvana ( Jan 2011); source: google

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