Saturday, 5 November 2011

Away From Me.

The blog now serves me the purpose of updating every nonsense, just like the way once I did on Facebook.

source: google images

I know that you are there,
Oh crescent moon!
But silently you hide from me,
Behind those cumulus shades.

For reasons so obvious'
the weakness in me
Like tiny earthly gravel.
But truth is what I expressed,
My only strength.

So all alone
I shall voyage,
With my undying spirit,
Hoping to see your light,
One day or the other.


  1. Keep the hope that is inside you. You will have it with you when the time is near.
    Nice one Lethro!

  2. Being contended is the only source of happiness, and hope is the only spirit to keep life moving. Thanks for the comment, Yeesi7. Visit again. :)

  3. A beautiful poem bro. I love reading your poems so much. Do keep posting!

  4. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment Langa bro. It seems you reached home safely. Enjoy your vacation. :)

  5. u r doing a great job bro........ what a interesting poem which really touches my heart.........

  6. Thanks for the comments, Yagnas and pema. :)

  7. I believe that the post has perfect collection of words and a well research. Its awesome! Thanks for sharing. Waiting for next.