Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Discovering a Momentary Divinity in Self.

If I let my life get shrouded in gloominess and if I let the frustrations of my deeds overwhelm me poignantly, then I discover no joy. My good deeds gathers no karmic virtue, and my achievements and success just remains mere illusions, and my life, it seems futile. As the blog name indicates, if I am to let my pre-written fate continue its journey in my life, each repercussion of the ill-fate tends to devastate omens of the good karma, love sees no relationship, hard work sees no sweet fruit, and excessive perspiration in the wake of going something fruitful goes in vain. The world indeed is full of sweet poisons that might turn our bloods blue and hearts pale. 

Loneliness is not the pain but being abandoned is the main suffering. Howling and whistles are not noise but the musics leave in me a melancholic reminiscence. The retrospection of bygone acts brings in me no loathe for life but the way things that turn the way I least anticipated gets me so forlorn. Yet I stand on the porch gazing up in the sky, anticipating the star to fall, which indeed is again a weird fantasy. 

Therefore leaving all such mundane thoughts behind, I tried to discover the divine in myself, though the quest for it, which I am confident is not a piece of cake. For man born in this ephemeral world whose beauty was destroyed by the disobedience of Adam and Eve, suffering is an inevitable obligation we have to face and in the vicious cycle of endless birth and death we have to sink. 

Divinity for me is being in the euphoric state, with no past to regret and cry foul, with no castles to built in the unseen space for unpredictable future. Divinity for me is when the present is best enjoyed, and for such a cause, I discover the divine in the rhythmic shift of legs with the tunes of un-understandable lyrics, that keeps blasting from the soulless mouth of stereo. Soulless objects are all divine. The choreographic moves led by the sub-conscious tribal mates, as they sing along with the dulcet audio, whose meanings I didn't understand a single phrase, I discover a momentary joy in me. Thus I instilled a divine soul in me, who says "Hey Leo, don't dwell in the remorseful past and don't dream bizarre dreams anymore, because they brings in you no peace. You have the best present just now, it is a greatest gift from life." So who wont seek a divine advice, who would ignore the divine blessings, thus in my divinity, I take my refugee.
Those tribal lads are happy, I see smile full of radiance from my sole companion, I am satisfied. Subconsciousness speaks the ultimate truth and the truth I hear from my subconsciousness is that I Felt genuinely. For its continuity of fate let fate decide the ultimate destiny. FOR NOW, the Nagpuri folk song keeps us all jubilant and floating in ecstasy. For tomorrow, let the new dawn decides its fate.


  1. A nice post bro. It talks in brief what you have to say about life. Keep going.

  2. Dear Langa Bro,
    It gives me an immense pleasure to see you visiting my blog regularly and dropping kind words for my nonsensical stuffs. Thanks a lot, and do visit again la.

  3. Really enjoyed reading your post. You are very much right indeed, there is no use over the past triumphs or failures, even a fraction of second is hard to behold. The moment we starts thinking it becomes past, so where we are heading/leading is bound by future that we aren't even sure of making as it is in the power of impermanence. Nice post keep posting...

  4. Dear Sangay Pelzang,
    Highly appreciated for the supplement you have added to my on spot stuffs. Its nice to see you visiting this blog regularly and expressing your kind words, which really means a lot to me.
    Thanks a lot and keep visiting.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

  6. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.