Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Left in Despondency.

will you open your petals???

In the garden of roses
 Lonely I loitered, a tiny Bee,
Amid many blossoms,
I saw a pinkish bud
Yet to bloom.

To the bud,
I approached and asked,
"Will you open our petals for me?"

The bud said no
And a gust of wind blew
To diverted the beauteous bud
Away from me,
Leaving the poor bee
  in despondency. 

where shall I land now???


  1. oi so much emotions sa lethro. aie love bee dhi :D

  2. Nice one bro. You(bee) may try another bud now :) Keep posting.

  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on the post, my fellow bloggers. Indeed day to day customary inspired me to scribble short verses for my own satisfaction. More will follow, so keep visiting.

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