Sunday, 24 December 2017

Destination Europe IX: Trip to Poland

21: Warsaw: My trip to Warsaw was in October 30th. Unlike all my Euro tours, my trip to Warsaw was different in a sense that I was accompanied by my colleagues from the University. However the weather in Warsaw was bad. Bad to such an extent that there was a severe storm causing extensive disruption in railways and causing some deaths due to environmental misshapes. However we were lucky to have had a good glimpse of Warsaw old town during our second day. Some snaps taken at Warsaw.

Happy Birthday WeFie

Good thing about Warsaw is that the city is very cheap. Be it in public transport services or in restaurants and hostels, the rates are very cheap as compared to Germany, which makes Poland an easy destination for travelers. Pierogi is considered a national dish of Poland so my friend ordered a plate of Fungi Pierogi, which basically is like dumpling or momo. It was a good experience to eat momo in a faraway place. I didnt knew but later came to learn that one of our friend was having her birthday, which gave us a good reason to have some toast of cake with happy birth day greetings. It wasn't so well prepared one though. 

I was told by my other friends that city of Krakow is much beautiful than Warsaw but for me I am glad to have checked in the capital city of Poland. 

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