Sunday, 31 December 2017

Thank you 2017; Happy New Year 2018

After numerous travels, I am glad to be finally back in Greifswald, a home away from home. 2017 has been unique phase of my life that it was a maiden year away from my mom. For that matter my social interactions were also limited and for my friends and relatives, my point of contact was always virtual. I am glad that 2017 have been spectacular without much agonies but filled with cherishing memories of merriment. I remain thankful to all my friends and relatives for their lovely unwavering supports. 

2017 has been rewarding for the efforts I have put and I remain grateful to my professional guardians both at home and in the university for their trust and rendering their appealing recommendations. 2017 added more value to my professional expertise and I am glad to have invested in personal profiling with support from well wishers. 

2017 is deep immersion into academics. Together with my LENC classmates, learning was always spontaneous with some doses of party and fun in between. Specially in a far away place without any fellow countrymen, my LENC mates are more than friends. Thank you all for being together always. 

2017 is also a landmark in my travel diary with visit to numerous cities around Europe and with last leg of Euro tour completed with visit to my friends in Vienna, where moments of our togetherness were unusually great. I already miss the good company I had with them and will always remember their great hospitality and companionship. As 2017 comes to an end, I am glad to be at my home, safe and sound, warm and cosy, so thank you 2017 before I bid you farewell. 

2018 will be just another year but I see more challenges coming. Please be kind with me and every sentient beings. 



  1. Happy New Year Letro!!! Wish you a greater year ahead!!! :)

  2. Thank you Rima.
    Blessings to u as well.