Sunday, 10 December 2017

Hello From Cambridge

Not the University, but within..,

Winters are bitterly cold in Northern Europe with the sun setting as early as 3:00 PM. The University of Greifswald, owing to its close proximity to the Baltic sea hardly finds sunshine but is regularly exposed to chilly breeze coming from the shore. Yet we don't find snow as we would have anticipated; simply the bitter cold chills we would feel. Taking a break from Greifswald, I had this privilege to visit United Kingdom. Partly a leisurely trip but purposefully to be at Cambridge, not the University, but within its campus. 

I landed in London three days ago and looking to it, my timing seems perfect. Last two days, though it wasn't sunny and warm, rather it was too cold, but it was dry. I could freely roam around in the city of London, tracking GPS location of various attractions. Today however when I woke up and looked outside, I found a thin cover of snow and the flakes were still falling. "What a pleasant time to experience snow fall in London", I thought but didn't realize it would disrupt the public transport systems too bad. My coach was scheduled to depart at 12:30 but when I got to the station the silver screen shot messages saying "coaches considerably delayed or would even be cancelled at last minute". That was bad. The snow flakes kept falling without pause and waiting prolonged. 

After two hours of waiting, the speaker finally burst with the announcement saying that National Express bound for Cambridge will leave in 5 minutes. It was relieving and in the next two hour journey, all I saw was snow, the trees and grounds all covered in thick blanket of snow. Finally reaching Cambridge Centre, I saw the city covered in snow, so pure and clean as if enlightened by wisdom from Cambridge University. The city looks exquisite with traditional small buildings spreading vast.   

Basically I am at Durrell Academy to be specific. Not for a long duration, but simply for a week. Specifically, I would be attending a week long professional training on "Managing and Leading Conservation Projects" and I look forward an enriching week-long stay in Cambridge. This is a wonderful feeling even though I am not here to pursue knowledge from the renowned Cambridge University, the worlds leading university that produced many legends like Charles Darwin in natural history, and of course the living legends like Professor Stephen Hawking. 

Greetings from Cambridge. 

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