Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Graduation, an accomplishment for a continuous journey with added responsibility.

Exactly six years ago, in September 2012, I graduated from Birsa Agricultural University, Ranchi, India with a Bachelor's degree. While I was happy with a degree in hand then, my emotions were intense. I graduated in Forestry with a very good grade but I was anxious about where I will land. I was afraid if I would get a job because it was in that year that over a score of students with the degree in forestry specialization graduated, unlike the previous years where only a few did. Besides, I was also very anxious about if I could compete with the fellow graduates of that year as my date of graduation was lagging behind for writing the civil service examinations, through which we are tested to get a government job. As I recall my graduation day then, I have very vague memories of jubilation but with more worry and anxiousness. However, not only did I made in time to compete in the exams but also secured top positions in our category of examination to get a job placement of my choice, for I believed, destiny is a matter of choices, not a matter of chances. 
The two Universities I attended

No sooner did I joined my career in conservation than I had the dream of pursuing my higher studies in the field of conservation. As soon as my obligation as per civil service rules were fulfilled, I aspired to pursue my Master's degree, and lucky enough, I got selected in a master's programme of my interest and choice right after the completion of three years obligatory service for pursuing higher studies. Master of Science in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation at the University of Greifswald became my destiny of choice in August 2016. And exactly after six years since my graduation with Bachelor of Science degree from India, September 2018 marked yet another achievement in my life from Germany. I felt immense joy when I could successfully present my master thesis, the last hurdle in accomplishing a Master of Science degree in my programme, Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation. 
My Thesis Supervisor, Prof. Dr. Klaus Fischer and Course Coordinator Dr. Tiemo

This time, it was totally a different feeling from what I went through in 2012 after graduation. Being a kid raised by single mother in a far-flung remote village, I was always able to set the best precedence to my fellow village kids. I may not be the best but what I gave was my best and my best effort always yielded satisfying results at the end. I am glad, I could achieve this and make my mother and siblings proud. I am humbled as I set a higher precedence record for my fellow younger village kids by becoming the first to attain a masters degree from our small hamlet of Darlo. I feel satisfied with the thesis I wrote as it addressed one pertinent gap in conservation in Bhutan; assessing the structural connectivity of a biological corridor for tiger movement between national parks in Bhutan, and more than glad that my peers in the department have now started following my suite in studying in Germany by availing the prestigious DAAD scholarship. And this time as a fresh graduate as I return home, I don't have to be anxious about my job placements as the Royal Government of Bhutan has securely reserved my place to take conservation actions forward with my enhanced professional knowledge. Therefore, this graduation brings in me a sense of jubilation, accomplishment, humbleness, with a deep sense of gratitude to many people who helped me fare the journey well, and of course with more responsibility.

Therefore, as I look forward to making significant contributions towards conservation of nature, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers of the past and present, my professional mentors, and peers in conservation fraternity, my fellow colleagues at my previous workplace (Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park), my college mates who sailed along with me during the last 26 months, my old friends and and newly acquainted friends who praised me for the sake of my happiness and who criticized me with concerns for my weakness, and my parents and relatives, for their good wishes, concerns and continuous support. 
Three angels of my life, mom, sas, and my better half.

Lastly, I am more than fortunate to have the continuous showering of love from two indispensable, indomitable ladies of my life, my dear mom who is gracefully aging with prayers for my betterment and success, and my dear sister who shouldered the responsibility of our father in keeping our mother hopeful and happy, and making immense sacrifices to enable her younger siblings stand on their own feet. I cannot be luckier than this, yet I asked more from my triple gem, for the third lady who would accompany me through my thicks and thins in the remaining journey of my life and finally, I am blessed as prayed. I feel complete with the unwavering support of my dear wife. It was since our first meet that I saw more positivity in my life, and with three angels in my life, I cannot be happier. I dedicate this special accomplishment of mine to three ladies of my life. 

With blessing from almighty, may the journey ahead be successful.

Thank you,


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