Thursday, 30 December 2010

Adieu 2010.

When I say 'Good Bye 2010', I do not intent to express the the warm greetings of new year, but when I tagged a photo with a logo, 'Good Bye 2010' on facebook, the response I got from my friends was just the reverse as I thought. All have thanked me for tagging them on the photo and the sentence following it shower their greetings of Happy New Year to me. I am thankful to all of them for their warm wishes.

Actually my intention was that why not I remind my friends about the year which is yet to finish, so that they could reflect and rewind themselves of things that happened in their life in 2010. To live a life worth living is not just a piece of cake but have to face the consequences of many ups and downs. For some it might be a year of pride having achieved something great, lets say getting employed so that one can fed ones stomach with ones own hand ( with every mouth, god has sent a pair of hand as stated somewhere in class 10 economics, if I am not mistaken), for few they could have begun a new life by getting oneself wed with the one whom s/he loved, for some they might have gained new vista of knowledge by exploring the already existing but hidden treasures, and et al.

But on the other hand there could be others, who were bereaved by loss of their loved ones to the cruelty hand of death, there might be others who got themselves breakup with their once promised - to tie their knot together, there could be few who failed in achieving their dreams despite their tiresome endeavour, few might have lost their final battle for success at the eleventh hour due to swing of ill-fate and quirk of luck. Besides there could be others who spent the year idly without doing anything new, and without achieving anything great, thus simply eyeing the passing by year.

So the year definitely will have certain impacts on our remaining half of life. While good memories are cherish-able throughout our life, bad memories too leaves a miserable effect which is difficult to erase. The wounds left in heart are always painful as it cannot be healed, unlike the superficial cuts which heal with the passage of time. But with every nimbus cloud, there is a silver lining as well. We can learn from the mistakes which we committed in achieving our dreams, thus reverting ourselves to the new path, for failure builds experience, which boast our confidence and which in turn helps in achieving the the miracles of life.

Lets wave good bye to the bad memories and unpleasant moments of the previous year and prepare ourselves with best gestures for the upcoming new year.

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