Thursday, 2 December 2010

Season of Emptiness.

photo source: google images
The leaves are all shed,
And the stem stagheaded,
The roots dehydrated and sunken,
And the barks scaly and fissured,
The mighty tree lives no life.

The ground unthawed,
And the arid soils contain no moisture.
Breathless microbes so dead,
And decays no litter.

The sun in the azure sky,
Though bright produce no warmth.
And the crescent moon,
Though bright is frosty.

Freeze nights see no light,
With clear dawn still at bay.
And the gloomy day lost lights soon,
With the setting of unseasoned sun.

The breeze so chilly,
The ground dusty and grim.
The water icy cold,
It is a season of emptiness.

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