Tuesday, 21 December 2010

God’s Gift in Disguise

Life is never a bed of roses, there are ups, and there are downs towards our path towards accomplishments. In times when nothing go according to our plan and everything goes wrong, we simply blame our fate terming it ill-fated and curse God, but spiritually God is always there to guide us and lead us towards the right path. Indeed our presence on mother earth in human form itself is the Gods greatest gift; our presence with all sense organs, our presence without crippled bodily form, our existence with mental ability and quantitative aptitude to reasoning, we being born in a place where we get ample opportunities for learning et al. After all God is not a cosmic bell-boy for whom we can press a button to get things, as stated by someone so we should not be expecting everything from god in its finest form. as a saying goes, "God help those who helps themselves" we should strive hard to achieve our needs.

With this I want to share the following images which was tagged to me by one of my sisters;

"If wishes are horse, then beggars would ride"

“Our virtues are most frequently but vices in disguise.”

“Hope is a desire with an expectation of accomplishment.”
"Gods great power is in gentle breeze, not in storm"

“Virtue is its own reward. There's a pleasure in doing good which sufficiently pays itself.”

"In God is our trust"

“This day and your life ... are God's gift to you , so give thanks and be joyful always!”

Going through the images I was really intrigued by the beauty of story contained in it. Then I thought that whatever happens to us, it is happening for a good cause.  Many a times we fail in appreciating what we get  thinking that it is not worthy but if it is judged critically, what ever we get and what ever we achieve is what we deserve. God never punishes us but make us realize our short comings thus, leading towards the path of perfection. We have to develop a habit of positive thinking so that when misfortunes befall upon us, we would rise from tomb and head towards the heavenly abode the next day or the other. Never blame a day in your life for good days give u happiness to be cherished forever and bad days gives experience, so always enjoy two days a day. Everything is GODS BLESSING in DISGUISE...

Note: The captions with the images are all quotations.


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  2. Nice story carried in these picturess..its kind of god's blessing as well....
    anyway, just for some hearty sharing, for me, dont mean to say that i dont believe in god, but i do, still this is what i feel about god.


  3. That article of yours is wonderful, different people have different perspective about god. There are atheist, who doesnot believe in god, there are others who seek gods help in need, but forgets God, while in bliss..,

  4. Thank you la....and by the way, i am a true believer of God both in adversity and bliss ...:)