Saturday, 25 December 2010

From Idleness to Idealistic.

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  The first ever prize I won in games and sports was in 1995, when I was in class PP. I took part in group 'C' balloon race, and some how I managed to save my balloon from bursting, as well as  begged the second prize. The prize I won was a mirror, worth five Ngultrum :). Since then, I have taken part in such co-curricular activities many times. As I reached my higher standards, some how instead of improving my stamina in the filed of games and sports, my interest declined abruptly, and I became an idle person in games and sports. May be I was more focused on studies, as race for academic excellence has reduced the importance of a basic ingredient of the human life in present days.

The last time I took part in games and sports was in the year 2007. The longest event in which I participated was the School Marathon Race, covering more than 15 Km, in which I secured the 9th position, just begging a certificate of consolation, being enlisted into top twenty from the hundreds who participated in it. During the Annual Sports Day that year, just for the sake of participation, I took part in few track events ( 800m and 1500m because I am not not blessed with 'cheetah's phase' of running ), for obvious, I have not won even the third place. I was pessimist that there are lots more who are far better than me in the crowd to beg the gold medals, so I simply ignored various events held during the school day. That could be one reason why I couldn't produce much certificate of merit for winning the games and sports.

  Just few days ago, we finished our Annual Games and Sports Meet, 2010. ( 21st and 22nd Dec. ). The games and sports committee has already announced that the events will be open to all and we were asked to get ourselves geared and recharged to win as much medals as we can. Initially I didn't thought of taking part in those events because, simultaneously our mid sem exams were happening, and exams are more important, for its result grades the ability of student.The days became hectic. For the past two months, I have taken the studies lightly and now as the mids approach, which accounts for 25% of the entire hundred, I was to prepare foot notes, search for information's, rush to the libraries to get the right book issued, and so on.., Still then I spared my time for the games and sports. The indoor games were played mostly at night. Playing carom until eleven o'clock to only beg the runners up position, and hitting the tennis ball hard but getting defeated from the stronger team in finals, the days were full of fun.

  On the first day of the Meet, the first tract event conducted was the 800m race, the longest race of the meet. I was not sure whether I can win the gold or not but I was expected at least the bronze medal. Sometimes its good we expect things before hand as it built up the confidence level in us, as stated by Michael Jordan, the great basketball player,"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them". When I appeared on the tract, fellow students were amused, as they never saw me running and taking part in such activities but I have made clear that I can do with long distances. We were around eight students and after completion of the race, I found myself leading the race, thus begging the first ever gold medal of the day. It was a red-letter day for me. Following it were other tract events and field events, one following another. Then I was in great zeal and enthusiasm. I wanted to win more  and more medals, so I gave my try in almost all events. As the events finished one after another, I could gather more medals, and when the events finally concluded on the 2nd day of the meet, I have won three golds, ( Javelin throw, Discuss throw, 800m,) two silvers ( 400m and relay race ), and yet two more bronze ( 200m and high jump, though I could cross a mere 135cm bar ).

  Those wins were mere coincidence. I was not prepared well for it as I was having my mid semester exams simultaneously. The will to win is important but the will to prepare is vital as stated by some body, and had I prepared for it before hand,  I could have won the best athlete award, which I lost to one of my seniors with me lagging behind with one gold. Any way I was contended with what I won. Indeed taking part in games and sports have lots of advantages to us. We not only get to work along with others, understand the opponents better, but also get the spirit of doing team works, which are vital in our everyday life. Just for an instance, if one for the four participants in the relay race fails to perform his part well, this would hamper the merit which other three have gained, so such skills can always be applied in other fields in our life. To win is important but losing doesn't mean we are the worst performer. As we loss we get to try again and again so in long run, we develop strength to win. I would have been more dull without having the insight of winning and losing had I not grasped the opportunity with interest. So finally I discovered the "ideal me" deep within with more potential and energy to explore. You are never a loser until you quit trying.

  All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, and sound mind develops from sound body, which we can maintain by taking part in games and sports.


  1. good one bro...its quite motivating and at the were full of golds ,,,,:)

  2. Thankz bro.., golds, yah, it was a good experience winning in sports. Indeed we all are blessed with certain secrets, which we will have to reveal at the right time...:)

  3. well done bro.. congrats... keep up the spirit..
    i guess now u ve become a gud spots man....

  4. Now I know the story of medals :):) U rock ...Keep Rocking :)