Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Peace in Darkness.

A nautical dusk
Crimson horizon
Cumlus clouds at Bay
As dusk approaches, the light diminishes, the brightness of day disappears and finally comes the darkness. Exhausted by the labourous day, its time to take a rest, refresh our minds, and then set new goals for the next day.

With the cessation of howling and whistling as the night comes, I could comfortably sit on my study table and recapitulate the lessons that I have learnt during the day, take out my pen and scribble what ever comes into my mind on a sheet of paper, only to discover latter that I have written a POEM. I learn by the mistakes I have committed during the day, promise myself not to repeat the same in the future.

Finally when its time to go to bed, I utter few words to almighty, to free all sentient beings from the ocean of suffering. Beneath the warmth of blankets then I close my eye, wishing that I could open it again in the morning the next day when dawn cracks, finally entering into the dream of bountifulness, which I will have to fulfill in reality.

Simply nights are the most peaceful part of the day for me.
The Twinkling stars of the night.

My poem on Night posted on WAB. HERE.

Photo courtesy: google.

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