Friday, 27 May 2011

Flower vs. Thorn

photo source: google images
There was a garden, a garden of glory,
Where threatened species thrived securely
The common blossoms too, but amid variety,
The scintillating Rose reigned superior.

As I hear Rose, the inner eye of mine could see,
Its petals, red and white and pink;
Its leaves as green as nature’s gold
With sparkling dews, it sustains the entire shoot.

The Rose, not by nature was it grown,
But science brought it through propagation.
The seeds then sown in soil, to shoot up
And glitter gallons of perpetual glows.

From a golden vessel, we fed the infant plant
With air and water. Yet dung too from the same vessel.
But alas! the plant possesses prickles,
Baffled, I then thought, “Why it possesses?”

May be for its self defence, or if not,
Let the thorns wither before blossom.
But as it bloomed, the beauty gained marvelous fame,
And its thorns remained as mere shadows.
Hundreds in variety, they impart an infinite joy.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

There Will be a Solution Always

The world in which we are dwelling at this age is not an easy one, where we get everything without much hard work and effort. In pursuit of success, which I presume to be a source of happiness, we face a lot of challenges and confrontations, unless we dare to proceed further and yes, success belongs to those who dare.

Problems are multiple in the society and we youngsters are more prone to such problems. Yet for every problem, there is a solution. Unless we seek the path towards solving the problems to get a better result, we would remain in problems all the time.

There is that lover who was betrayed by his lover or broke up with his girlfriend and finally he land up taking drugs and drinking alcohol, thus rendering the precious life useless and futile. It is indeed a coward act and they are real losers. Life should not be ruined that easily for such a lame excuse. We have our parents and siblings expecting a lot from us.

In some cases, it is the split-up of parents, which drench the soul of the children into cocoon of negativity, thus leading to misery and pain in the life of latter. Theft and robbery cases by the youths might be due to less care and affection given by the parents to their children. And the consequences are same; the life of victim losses its meaning and ends up landing in the land of dreams but without achieving it. Well, we are indeed not alone; we have our friends and remaining society to help us while in need.

Friends in our life play a vital role in shaping us. Swim along the tides and you would reach the shore without drowning into the ocean. Friends with golden rays always lights our way and helps us reach to our destination in ease but on the contrary, there are other group of friends who would drag us towards the path of illusion. Their mere touch would leave an inerasable stain of blackness in our soul. “False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine but leaving us when we cross into the shade.” As stated by someone. This is due to our wrong choice amongst the many better alternatives.  

Yet besides every best possible act of ours, after completion of studies/degrees wee youths plunge into the sphere of job market and many of us land up getting nowhere. While the government and concerned agencies try their best to give better opportunities for all, it is always impossible to get right person in the right field so, many of us remains idle. It is not because we are useless but it is simply because we are not fit in a particular field for some reasons. This calls for us to look beyond the horizon of sunshine to see the next glimmering world in which we can work and earn profusely. 

We should wake up and aspire to fight amid hardships and difficulties to succeed. Life is not always comfortable and what we wish never occurs easily, unless we work towards fulfilling it. Solving the mazes of life involves lots of perseverance and determination. Man can achieve what men have achieved so we should be optimistic to become successful. There will always be a solution for every problem. 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

On Hearing the Joyous News- About the Upcoming Royal Wedding.

Photo: K5 fan page/facebook

The news like the thunderous roar,
It spread with the speed of light.
And was heard in the depth of the dungeons,
And far into the darkest corners.

A luminous wave of joyousness,
Glistened the land of Thunder Dragon,
And tender breeze of ecstasy,
It brushed the blisters of Bhutanese.

Overwhelmed with happiness,
We rejoiced the royal announcement;
The wedding of K5 in October,
With the heavenly princess, Jetsun Pema.

Her countenance, uniquely beautiful,
And her heart, caring and compassionate
Is what K5 described; “she is warm
And kind in heart and character.”

Divine is our king,
Selfless and compassionate;
And our royal bride is a Dakini,
The embodiment of Jetsun Dolma (Tara).

With the blessings of Dharma
And the fortune of peoples karma,
May the union of our Royals,
Bloom for endless eternity.

Yet, with eagerness and excitement,
We the nation awaits the October day.
To solemnly witness the Royal Wedding
With joy in heart and pride in soul.

- Son of Soil,

Friday, 20 May 2011

His Majesty to Wed Jetsun Pema in October this Year.

These days the weather is bitterly hot out here. Not having to go to attend the lectures for some reasons, I was just lying over the carpet on the floor beneath the spinning fan to keep sweats away. By then it was almost 11 am in the morning so, lying on the floor further mean drowning into a deep slumber of dreams, so in order to escape it, I just logged into my facebook account. Well as usual, there is no notification except few from Blogyul. I just went through the quotes and inspiring stories to ponder over out there on our group of Bhutanese Bloggers and writers. Mean while more notifications came on Blogyul and this time it was surprising news.  
His Majesty K5/ photo source:Bhutan journals

"Royal wedding announced

20 May, 2011 - His Majesty the King announced his intention to wed Jitsen Pema in October this year. The announcement was made towards the end of the inaugural address at the seventh session of Parliament this morning in Thimphu.

Source: Kuensel"
 reads a post.

When I heard the joyous news, His Majesty’s announcement to the nation about the Royal wedding, I was overwhelmed with ecstasy and jubilation.  We the nation celebrated His majesty’s 31st birthday a couple of months ago and at this age a normal Bhutanese man would be fathering three or at least two. Therefore, it’s a right time, that his majesty has finally decided to marry this October.
Royal Bride Jetsun Pema./ photo source:iamdrukpa

When I read the name of royal bride, Jetsun Pema, the only image my inner eye could conceive was the image of  Goddess White Tara, or commonly known as Jetsun Dolma, who is also known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel. Latter seeing the photo of His Majesty with Future Queen, Azhi Jetsun Pema, she is gloriously beautiful and is a perfect embodiment of Jetsun Dolma.  The divine king, so compassionate and selfless, commonly known as Peoples King, His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and Royal bride Jetsun Pema makes the perfect couple ever. 

I am overwhelmed with joy and we Bhutanese are overwhelmed. We pray for their good health and long life, until then eagerly awaits the auspicious day of October 2011, to solemnly witness the royal wedding, with joy in heart, and prayer on lips, and pride in soul for having born in the land of Palden Drukpa. May peace and prosperity prevail until eternity.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Where are You?

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In the lonely night,
When stars are few,
And moon amid clouds,
I wonder why
The moon is alone?
With its rays
Not reaching the ground
And the stars
They fail to twinkle.
Oh! The wind of consciousness!!!
Where are you?

In the distant place,
With friends few
Far in the foreign soil,
Seeking for wisdom
But amid adversities,
The path seems thorny,
Oh! The results of My karmic deeds!!!
Where are you?

My heart though fonder,
With truth of feelings,
Yet its chambers,
Its state of emptiness,
Now my thoughts ponder
And i wonder why?
The calls of my silent heart
Remained unheard.
Where are you?
My destined love!!!

Oh! fate, guide my way
From the miseries of

Sunday, 15 May 2011

To err is Human.

Life is never a perfect piece and it is often confronted with mistakes and errors. From childhood until death do us part, we will commit mistakes and flaws one way or the other. While man never intend to commit mistakes deliberately, sometimes somewhere we tend to face with such a consequences that our act of diligence get entangled in the loop of ignorance letting our mistakes go unnoticed. Realizing that we have done a mistake latter becomes too late to recuperate.
As the old Bhutanese saying goes, “Even the speeches of priest flaws, even the flow of water in tap ceases” and so is our life. Mistakes in life are something that is inevitable, for we are neither enlightened like Buddha, nor a perfect human.Indeed nobody is perfect.

We fail to keep our words, it is our mistake; we tend to use abusive words out of anger, it is a mistake; and we even tend to conspire against someone for our own goodness, it is a mistake. Every mistake that we do brings a failure but not all failures are necessarily due to mistakes.  So in order to prevent from repeated failure we should look back and get our mistakes rectified to have a better result latter. 

Sometimes our anger and temper become root cause of mistakes. As said by Buddha, “Holding to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who get burnt” and such saying of Lord Buddha are the only exceptions that are without mistake. When something wrong happens or when someone has said something or done something against me, I often get angry but my anger and temper never solves my problem. Rather it makes me do more mistakes by either arguing with them or using rude words, which only leads to the degradation of my ties and friendship with those someone, only to get regretted latter which is going to be in vain. I feel sorry but sorry seems to be the hardest word.

When I reflect to the bygone day, I find that nothing new has happened to me during the day. Realizing that life is just passing on as swiftly as the flowing river, I try to look ahead, the following days, to do something new and achieve something better but every dream which I dreamt the day before remained unachieved as I look back in the evening the next day. These are all due to mistakes, tiny or big, which I have committed unknowingly. I try to incorporate the philosophy behind the repercussions of making mistakes and try not to repeat as stated above but somehow I fail to do so. May be its all because I am also one sentient being, yet submerged in the ocean of suffering. It is true, ‘To err is Human.’

Saturday, 7 May 2011

To My Beloved Mom
From the mysterious darkness of alien realm,
You brought me to the world of limitless gleam,
Making me sense, the worlds beauteous elation,
At the cost of your own precious jubilation.

 The moment I cried first, was your only moment of delight,
And the second time I cried, it induced in you infinite fright.
From the deadly pains of ailments and evil spirits,
You nursed and cured me with your courageous spirits.

For the soup you saved for me during the time of famine,
For the first word and advice, you gave me to act humane,
And the newest suit you bought for me despite financial crisis,
I owe to you a lot, for your love, care and infinite sacrifices.

For all the pleasure which I gained along my way without fail,
I owe to you for the perfect guidance, you directed me to sail.
The success which I acquired is the result of your bless,
And your blessings that calmed my fear are my only source of bliss.

When I was in pain, you are the only one beside me,
But when you are in agony, I fail to be aside thee.
I cry for such a foul play of fate, separating son and mom,
Though I aspire to be near you for all the time to come.

Lucky is me, having blessed with a caring mother,
And I am proud to call your name, my wonderful mother.
Though distance shall bar the way, I will be near you one day,
And make you proud of me, for you have glittered my way.

With lots of Love and Gratitude
Your Son,

P.S: Dedicated to My Ageing Mother and All the Gracious Mothers on Earth.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Nature's Forest services- Perennial Flow of Rivers and Hydro Power

Not many countries in the world knew the existence of such a land, hidden in the folds of Himalayas, until it was known as one of the biological hotspots of the world. A small patch of land with a mere area of 38,394, situated between two giants of the world, China to the north and India bordering the rest, it is the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Menjong Drukyul, ‘Dragon kingdom of medicinal herbs’’ now known as Bhutan.

Since the prehistoric era, the native of Bhutan lived in close harmony with the natural environment believing that destruction of it would bring natural catastrophe, for they believed that unseen spirits dwell everywhere in the nature. Yet they derived values such as food, fodder, fuelwood, fibre and fertilizer from the forests besides timber and many other intangible benefits like peaceful environment with scenic beauty, a timely monsoon, etc. The mythical conservation of forest by our ancestors have bestowed the present generation with pride in front of the world when many nations are struggling to reinstate the long lost natural forest. The country still maintains 72.7% of the total area with forest and derives numerous services from the nature, the most important one being lighting the homes by hydroelectric powers. Water serves as one of the most important source of energy.

Bhutan is drained by many rivers, the four major being Amo chhu (Torsa), Wang chhu ( Raidak) Punatsang chhu ( Sonkosh), and Drangme chhu ( Manas), maintaining good watershed among the valleys. These rivers have a potential to generate more than 30,000mw of electricity and the continuity of the flow of rivers depends on the conservation of forest. Depletion of forest meant a rise in the temperature causing global warming, which leads to the melting of the pristine mountains, thus causing a threat to the perpetual flow of rivers.
Damsite at Chhukha ( source: Bhutan 2008 )

The first hydropower project in Bhutan was commissioned in 1960s when Bhutan forwarded her first step towards modern development by launching the First Five Year Plan in 1961. By then rest of the world have already converted their natural forest into major Industries, or were in the process of conversion. There after Bhutan realized the importance of forest in maintaining the perennial flow of rivers, which have a great potential to generate huge revenue in the most eco-friendly manner.  Today the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan obligates 60% of the country’s area to be maintained under forest cover at all times. The development of more than 20 hydroelectric schemes has made it possible to electrify more than 40 towns and 1,064 villages (2004) within a short period. Bhutan continues to harness the immense hydropower potential that Bhutan is endowed with. Today, the sector contributes more than 40% of the domestic revenue. Just for an instance, the National Revenue Report of 2005-2006 reveals that Chukha Hydropower contributed Nu. 2,092.682 million which is 30.01% to the total revenue of Bhutan. Besides there are many small hydropower plants in Bhutan catering to remote villages that are not linked to the main distributors. The small hydro projects have significant roles to play in our economy. Thus, we Bhutanese are lucky to have received such a great service from nature.  

Therefore, to celebrate the World Environment Day 2011 on 5th June, with the theme “Forests: Nature At Your Service” I hereby present this insight of Green Development happening in Bhutan to the other world. There cannot be a way better than this for achieving Clean Development Mechanism where we use the natural resources in a sustainable basis, without compromising the needs of future generation, so plant a tree to celebrate the day.

Learn more on World Environment Day

Monday, 2 May 2011

Day To Remember the Father of Modern Bhutan.

Bhutan is the land of mystic splendour, blessed with the eternal flow of peace and tranquility, which is mainly attributed to the blessings of almighty and local deities, the faith and respect bestowed by the people in their leaders, and the love & care showered on the fellow citizens with full dedication by the leaders. Since the inception of monarchy in 1907, Bhutan is blessed with compassionate and selfless men one after another, which we call them Druk Gyalpos’ (King of Bhutan) and one such personality was our third king, His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck.
His Majesty the Third King of Bhutan

Born to His Majesty the Second Druk Gyalpo, Jigme Wangchuck and Queen mother Azhi Phuentsho Choden on 2nd May 1928 in Truepang Palace at Trongsa, His majesty was the only child born to queen mother though he had three sisters and one brother from his step mother, Azhi Pema Dechen. Having learnt the Buddhist literature, Hindi, and English at his early ages, he started taking major responsibilities in the administrative system of Bhutan at the age of 15 with his first post as Trongsa Droenyer ( Secretary in-charge of Guest), and two years later, he became the Paro Penlop ( Governor of  Paro region). His majesty married Azhi Kelzang Choden, daughter of Gongzim Sonam Tobgyal Dorji in the year 1952, and in the same year on October 27, he ascended the Golden Throne as the Third King of Bhutan.

Monarch of clear vision and foresight, he worked tireless for the welfare of his people and kingdom. His major social reforms includes putting a ceiling to land holding at 30 acres, reduction of tax and revenue from the land, and abolishing completely from poor farmers with smaller holdings. Feudalism was completely abolished and serfs were removed thus making every citizen equal irrespective of creed, caste and colour.

Judicial reforms include the establishment of High Court and reorganization of the judicial system. Capital punishment was completely abolished thus retaining the Buddhist principles in administering the nation.

His major constitutional reforms were the establishment of Tshogdu, The National Assembly of Bhutan in the year 1953, where the elected members representing the common people can raise the voice on behalf of people at grass root level. Lodoe Tshogdu, the Royal Advisory Council was constituted in 1963, to assist the Kings day-to-day administration thus maintaining crystal-clear transparency in the system of governance. The Council of Ministers was created in 1968 and the concept of constitutional monarchy came into light as early as 1968 when his majesty declared to the National Assembly and empowered the people to remove the king or His successor with a majority vote of Two Third in the vote of no confidence.
Third King and Prime Minister Nehru (1954)

Under his dynamic leadership, Bhutan progressed towards the road to economic development, social & political stability and material development. Upon the invitation of the king, the Indian Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi visited Bhutan in 1958 thus putting an end to the age-old policy of isolation and this further strengthened the foundation of Indo-Bhutan Friendship. The two leaders discussed Bhutan’s specific problems and Nehru promised to assist Bhutan in her economic development. With enormous financial support from Indian Government, Bhutan kicked off her First Five-Year Plan (1961-1966) in 1961 and within a reign of 20 years under His Majesty’s leadership, Bhutan saw mammoth of developmental activities.  Some of the major achievements include the setting up of Seed Farm and Agricultural Research Stations, Extension Centres to boast the production of horticulture and agriculture crops in agricultural sector and establishment of Breeding Farm for various animals in various parts of the country and setting up of animal product plants in the field of Livestock and Animal Husbandry.   In Health sector, Public Health Department and Chief Medical Officer were set up in Thimphu, the number of dispensaries and hospitals were increased (40 in total, 6 hospitals and 34 dispensaries), and health workers were trained. Hydel projects were constructed to light major towns of Thimphu ( Capital city of Bhutan) and Paro thus opening the foresight of sustainable use of natural resources. National Bank of Bhutan was established in 1968 to control its currency and foreign exchange. Bhutan was connected with India by motor roads giving away the mule tracts. 1770 Kms of road was constructed in the First 5 Year Plan itself.

Spectacular progress was made in the field of education. The number of schools rose from 59 in 1961 to 102 in 1972 including 15 junior high schools, 5 high and 2 public schools. The total enrolment increased from 3000 to 9000. One Teachers’ Training Institute was established in Samtse and many more Bhutanese scholars were sent to India to get specialization. Therefore, 2nd May is also observed as National Teachers Day, to pay tribute to the teachers, in memory of relentless efforts made by his majesty in introducing modern education in Bhutan.

In 1959, the People’s Republic of China occupied Tibet, which was a threat to the sovereignty of Bhutan and this has encouraged His majesty to look ahead for the safety of his people and nation. Soon Bhutan became the member of Colombo Plan in 1962 and Universal Postal Union in 1969. In 1970, Bhutan attended the UNO General assembly as an Observer and in 21st September 1971, Bhutan was unanimously admitted to the United Nations. His majesty completely gave up the policy of isolation thus allowing people to accept modern concepts of democracy and social equality by entering into the new era of participation in international affairs.

King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck was not in sound health since his early twenties, when he got a heart attack, which is why he made frequent visit to foreign countries for treatment. To the utter dismay of the entire nation, his majesty succumbed to premature demise at the age of 44 on 21st July 1972, in Nairobi, Kenya, while he was receiving a medical treatment, thousands of miles away from his beloved children and royal family, his faithful subordinates and his nation, leaving an irreparable loss in the soil of DrukYul (Land of Thunder Dragon). Yet the people of Bhutan are very lucky to have the only crown prince Jigme Singye Wangchuck to succeed the Golden Throne.

Being a monarch of clear vision and foresight, who steered the country away from the policy of isolation, brought about religious and social consolidation and set country towards the path of economic development, and for tiresome endeavour for his people and nation  despite his ill health, His Majesty the Third Druk Gyalpo, Late Jigme Dorji Wangchuck is still remembered as the Architect of Bhutan or simply the  Father of Modern Bhutan.

Commemorating the 73rd Birth Anniversary of Third King of Bhutan.

Image source: google images

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day.

The light of consciousness,
That you radiated to dispel my darkness
The beam of perception,
That you emitted to disperse my ignorance.

The words that you taught
To make me social,
And character you developed in me
To make me special.

The hope of realization,
That you instituted in my bewildered thoughts.
And the boundless love you showered
To make me realize the value of my life.

The limitless wisdom that you bequeathed,
To replace my worthless assets of stupidity.
And the path that you directed me
Towards the brightest destiny.

For everything that you did,
Selflessly and whole-heartedly for my goodness,
I am thankful to you, my teacher,
For I have no words to express my gratitude.

With sincere prayers for your good health,
With faithful respect for your virtuous deeds,
For opening my eyes and building our nation,
I wish you "Happy Teacher's Day."

P.S: Dedicated to the teachers who taught me in particular, and all teachers who by virtue, took teaching as their profession in general.