Sunday, 7 August 2011

Leave me Not for I cannot Live Without you- English Version.

On my Dzongkha post, the previous week, Anu (A blogger friend) commented as follows: 
" clue what it is leo...there is no online translator available for Dzongkha SOB SOB SOB :( "
So here comes  my rough translation of the Dzongkha post. Hope Anu will get the message contained in the Dzongkha Poem. 'Nothing emotional, Just Sensational'

In the graceful lawn
Bloomed a glistening flower.
The tiresome bee,
Far from the distant land,
Is destined to buzz
And descend on the beauteous petals.

When during the summer days
The sun shines ablaze,
The fresh and sweet nectar
Quenches the thirst of dying bee.
Without you, oh my beauteous flower!
My hum would fade without any essence.

In the temperate meadow
Grew a tree with bountiful fruits.
Amid your lushly leaves
I, the nightingale shall rest,
For I toured the world with endless flights,
Until destiny compelled me to land upon you.

Your beautiful crown,
Let not the breeze break it off
And your firm roots,
Let not the water erode away.
Without you, Oh my elegant tree!
My life is prone to prey.

In the hamlet of eternal bliss,
I encountered you,
A uniquely beautiful angel.
You enticed my soul
And it is my karmic fate,
For I loved you at first sight.

With circumstances,
Alter not, your heartfelt thoughts.
Without you, Oh my stunning damsel!
I suffer insomnia and cuisines seem insipid.
So leave me not
For I cannot live without you.



  1. Thanks for taking out time for the translation. You are very good be it any language...:).

  2. Its my pleasure Anu. :) and thanks for your compliment.