Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Princess of my Dream.

It seems a love began...,

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In the mystic state of sub-consciousness,

I dreamt you shining like the glistening emerald.

And the genuineness of my limited but priceless words

Like the free flow of rivers in serene vale, thus flow.

You are an alluring petal of alpine Rheum,
The softness which, silk cannot surpass
And like the sparkling dew on its green leaves,
You are the luminous twinkle for my life.

Your sweet fragrance fills the air with aroma,
And from the distant place, I humming-ly land on you,
To get submerged into your nectar of hearty essence
Until the severe frost kills you and me together.

Amid rocky pebbles, you lie firm and intact.
To you I seek the sanctuary from snowy flakes,
In the napkin of your tender leaf I rest,
Until the sun baths us with its warm lights.

You are an art of work, which I gaze without blink.
A timeless melody to listen, your dulcet tunes.
A flawless and enlightened nature, your eternal soul,
Blessed is me, having met you, my elegant damsel.

Separated by miles of emptiness is my body,
Still my spirit, it lingers around your charming heart.
I am an incomplete man in need of wholeness
Should destiny plays fair and my fate be true;

Oh, the Princess of my Dream!
Tightly I  embraced, to protect you from rivalry foes.
But as the alarm calls for the morning duty,
Alas! You remained the Princess of my Dream.

                                     To be continued...,

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