Monday, 22 August 2011

The Simile of Karmic Bond.

Gangkar Puensum: google images

Majestic and immaculate
 Firmly rest the pristine Gangkar Puensum.
Shrouded in the thicket of whitish wool,
It is in its splendid nature
The Snow Lion longed to inhabit in peace.

When from the east
The golden rays strike the crystalline castle,
Drop by drop, a mighty lake is formed,
To pour down in perpetuity,
Rivers draining the land of Thunder Dragon.

With the lonely peak, left the lonely lion
With sweats of sadness drenching its mane
But with miracle, the lion transformed
Into a silver fish to swim along the tides of river;
There is no bar and boundary in love.

Owing to the karmic connection,
Together they united body and soul.
Thus, today, we sing the songs with simile;
Lion in the snow and fish in the river
To express the karmic bond between each other.

painting of Snow Lion.

Gangkar Puensum: At 7561 m above sea level, Gangkar Puensum is the highest mountain in Bhutan; the 40th highest mountain in the world; and the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.

Snow Lion: I am not sure whether such lion exist in the snowcapped mountains but be it traditional folk song or modern lyrics, we occasionally come across simile relating the love between white lion and snow capped mountains. However, white lions are very common in Bhutanese traditional arts and we see many such paintings of white lion on the walls of buildings. So for sure there might be a myth or even truth behind the existence of such white lions. Kindly share with us if our readers have any idea about myth behind White Lion.

P.S:  Idea of the poem is conceived from the Bhutanese song “Gangkar.”


  1. A Nice poem bro. BTW, I have no idea about snow lion. May be people began to refer snow leopard as snow lion and slowly they began to paint the lion on the lines of imagination. :D.
    Keep posting, lover-boy... hehe

  2. Or may be it is referred to polar bears? its white no? haha, any way its gonna remain as a mystery then. Lover-love... not really, hehe. Thanks for dropping by bro.