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Political Parties Gearing for the 2013 Race- Part III

Strengths of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa.
Nevertheless, the present government has been striving very hard for the welfare of the citizens since the day it took power in 2008. Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, the ruling party in Bhutan is the second party formed after the People’s Democratic Party in 2007. The party is formed with five experienced ministers of the previous government leading the front-line, followed by high post bureaucrats, civil servants, businesspersons, and fresh graduates. The whole nation with great faith and confidence has brought it into power to form the first Democratic Government with the landslide victory over PDP in March 2008 elections.

His Excellency the PM of Bhutan: dpt Government
With the party manifesto focusing on poverty alleviation, curbing the gap between the rich and the poor by revisiting strategies for equitable development, and reducing the proportion of population living below the poverty line from 31.7 percent to 20 percent within the next five years, the government have done a great job as of now. If not for the petty promises in the villages, their goals of national policymaking, planning and its implementation in general are promising.

The Mid-Term Review of the 10th five-year plan was reported overwhelmingly satisfactory with majority of the national goals fulfilled. By the time the reign of present government ends, it is hopeful that all Bhutanese homes will be lit with electricity. With the coming up of domestic airports and many road widening/shortcutting projects initiated, mode of transport would become more reliable and efficient. By the commencement of e-governance, our common peoples will no longer have to travel to the capital to avail the simple but important documents. In order to improve the human resource, the numbers of scholarships for students completing class 12 are increased manifold and government is making every possible effort to curb the unemployment problem. Electricity, the nation’s only major export item is at the boom with many mega projects already initiated and more in plan. Tourism, one of the biggest sources of revenue for the government has been always a government priority. It is pleasing to hear our Prime Minister state that all the key targets set by the government for the 10th Plan will be achieved within the five-year period. The 10th Five Year Plan (2008-2013) is the first five-year development plan executed by the democratically elected government.

If not for some criticisms they faced regarding the controversial issues of Constituency Development Grant, State Funding of the Parties, Tobacco Control Act, etc..., our present government under the leadership of His Excellency Lyonchen Jigme Y. Thinley, the seasoned man with vision, have sacrificed a lot in making a young Bhutanese democracy vibrant, transparent and dynamic. Everything they did was for the interest of the country and its people, but the minute flaws aroused when the supreme law of the country, The Constitution did not permit what they thought to execute. The views of Opposition were never against the view of Government but were against the procedures the government intended to follow. So, in the mind of our Bhutanese, there is always a pride and appreciation for what the government did.
Aiming to Soar higher, the Cranes.

However most of the major projects initiated by the present government won’t be able to complete within the limited five year plan so to further boast the developmental activities and satiate the citizens, for sure, our honourable MPs of the present government would be mentally preparing for the next election. Their effort to clear the financial debt of the party by enormous contribution itself is one such indication.

Besides, looking into the rumours that are afloat in forum indexes, it is apparent that few more present government secretaries will join the already experienced lot of DPT MPs in the next election. If ever the rumour holds true, Dr. Gado Tsherings resignation from the post of Health Secretary on moral backgrounds, when he have more than four years to hold the post, is nothing but a preparation for election in 2013. The list further stretches with Dasho Kinley Dorji, Information Secretary, Education Secretary Aum Sangay Zam and Economic Affairs Secretary Dasho Sonam Tshering, (information based on the forum discussions @ So if ever this rumours turn out to be true, then for sure, few current MPs of the DPT will have to fight for party ticket with the new comers.

This would mean further strengthening the capability of the MPs of DPT because, when the next round of election comes into force, the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa will already have 11 ex-ministers and a Speaker, who by then will have ample of experience in carrying out the democratic moves and developmental activities in the country. As a saying goes "as rare as trees without warts are men without weaknesses" they being the first democratically elected government and system being new, mistakes are something which is not inevitable but for sure, the government will learn from the mistakes they have done during this tenure and will persuade the people about their strategic plans ahead.
Yet it is time for the citizens as well to prepare themselves for the next round of election and make the best choice from the two old titans to avoid hue and cry later. Under the benevolent guidance of His Majesty the King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, lets pray that the democracy in Bhutan shall remain vibrant and transparent and the citizens shall not be torn apart due to party indifferences as “We are a small family of Bhutanese but a family that has a common goals and aspirations” as said by K5.

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