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Political Parties Gearing for the 2013 Race- Part II


 PDP comeback- Present Governments weakness, an Advantage for PDP in next election-

Now with both the parties either having cleared or initiated to clear their debts, soon they will be preparing for the next round of elections in 2013. It is already reported that the People's Democratic Party is planning a major comeback with many of its 2008 candidates contesting the 2013 election. Having suffered a crushing defeat in the 2008 elections, for sure the PDP would be strengthening, either to form a government in 2013 or to become a stronger opposition with more than two members. 

Hon'ble Leader of Opposition:
In 2008 many seasoned bureaucrats who sacrificed their good jobs and joined People's Democratic Party with the motive to serve the people but almost all lost to their opponents from DPT, which was lead by experienced five ex-ministers. The President of PDP, Lyonpo Sangay Nidup too lost the seat in his constituency to the young teacher representing the DPT. 

Despite having only two members in the opposition, they have played a significant role in correcting the government when it went wrong. When it comes to passing the bills and acts by voting, it always went in favour of the ruling party because even if 25% of the members of ruling party are to support the views of opposition, it will not make a difference in decision making in the lone upper house. But there is a lot of satisfaction in the minds of concerned citizens, by the way the two opposition members strived. People outpoured their sympathy and gratitude for the world’s smallest opposition for carrying out their democratic rights relentlessly. So felt the need for a stronger opposition with more members and the citizens will definitely fulfil this realization.

Besides when people saw flaws in the way government take decision, many felt that they have taken a wrong decision by voting the present government into power. 
The prominent examples being the passing of the controversial ConstituencyDevelopment Grant by the National Assembly though it was strongly objected by the National Council, calling it unconstitutional, faulty, and ambiguous. My view regarding the CDG is also that, it doesn't justify equity because Nu. 2 M for each MP means unequal distribution of a huge sum among the 205 gewogs. While few MPs have to share the sum among just two gewogs, others have to manage it for the welfare of as many as seven gewogs.

The next big mistake that government committed was formulating taxation structure without going through the Legislative process as required by the Constitution. On this matter the Opposition Leader took the government to the court and verdict of first ever Constitutional case went in favour of the opposition. This further weakened the faith of people in the way government functions.  
Source: Bhutan Observer

The most recent objection the government facing is the Tobacco Control Act, which many people term draconian. More ironic when the first victim happened to be a monk who was caught with tobacco worth Nu. 120 who was then followed by many more, only to get themselves locked behind the bars for the maximum duration of three years. Many educated lots were of the opinion that the term of imprisonment is too stiff and that the Act be amended but nothing has happened as of now. Thus, the Tobacco Control Act, which was enacted with a noble intention of reducing tobacco consumption on the land flourished with Buddhist doctrine, is facing lots of resistivity from public only because the process of its enactment was not in consultation with the common people.  

The latest case of Gyalpozhing Land scam has brought many heads of government including the Prime Minister and the Speaker of National Assembly into the limelight of corrupt practices in the past. This further added fuel to the already heated group of the society, who are aspiring for a change to happen in the system of governance. 

So be it in the social media like facebook or on online forums, many express their dissatisfaction on the way the present government functions. Backing up the way two opposition members performed so far in keeping the government on tract, will Peoples Democratic Party receive the major support in the next coming election? Will the weakness exhibited by the present ruling government who were brought to power with nationwide support from public drastically loss the faith of people in them and give its way to PDP in the next election? Or the citizens will bring into power PDP in the next election to experience a different taste?  

Until then PDP will have to adopt striking strategy to make a dramatic comeback in 2013.

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