Sunday, 14 August 2011

Missing You Desperately. :)

Though you are millions of miles away from me, yet you keep my spirit glowing. Without you, my world is a complete darkness though I have other amenities to comfort my life in aplenty. I never knew I would miss you desperately and attach with you so emotionally though you and me never did encounter face to face and cuddle with each other before. The moments I saw you shining brightly with your ability to glisten this world was at a distant and it remains as a mere image. I wish to come closer to you and embrace you affectionately but distance is the bar.

I am sure many people will admire you and miss you dreadfully owing to your generous heart to keep them warm and their days bright but I bet everybody will blame you when you tend to act little harsh. Its human tendency to put blame to others for minute mistakes without appreciating the true essence. Nevertheless, not me, I will never blame you in my life how excessively you burn me.  Rather I would request the clouds to send little drizzles so as to keep you temperate forever with a beautiful rainbow encircling you. When the clouds (troubles) tend to increase around you, which would shower a pain of storms, I would request the gentle breeze to kindly sweep the tribulations shrouding your way. 

Days come and go and so does the Weeks. Yesterday, I could not meet you despite waiting for you eagerly and today the clouds of ignorance blocked our linkage. But I am sure we can meet tomorrow and erase the pain of loneliness in me because moments of loneliness make me miss you every moment. After all, life is never a bed of roses so I should also accept some pains in my life though. But I want to request you to kindly come in my life sooner than later. I wish that one day, I get to hold your hand and never let you go but it is you who can turn this simple dream of mine into reality. 

Though it is lucky for the paddy cultivators this years, the incessant rain for more than ten days make my cloths stink. I washed a handful of cloths yesterday but still it is not dried. Lots of filthy flies are sheltering on my cloths which I hanged on the verandah and they pee on them. Today morning when I woke up I saw water spilled over the floor of my room and to my surprise it was due to seepage of the ceiling above. Since I reside on the top floor now the shallow cemented roofs have started giving its way to the molecules of water. 

When the storm and rain combines turbulently, power supply is cut off and I am to spent dark nights listening to the deceitful songs of mosquitoes. And when there is no power, we have no water, as water is pumped by electric motor. And without water, consequently there is no food, though water is plenty outside. without food, there is no thought and idly I end up sleeping in the room because going out meant drenching in the muddy rain.

So I am missing you desperately. Oh Sun, please shine for our welfare. :)


  1. Ohhhh Darling Sun, Come back soon...........

  2. Because I have few stinking cloths too in my room....

  3. Romancing sun? wow!only u can think of such imaginative subject!

  4. It seems your darling Sun has abandoned you for many days. Hope it comes back very soon. Nice one bro. Liked it. Keep posting...

  5. Ha ha ha nice concept leo....sorry about the trouble you are going through, hope the sun god will hear you soon and thus improve your welfare.

  6. 15+ "Like"s means quite a good number of visitor visit my blog when the blog posts are updated. So its an inspiration for me to keep up my spirit of writing something and posting it regularly. :)
    And thank you so much for those who have taken your time in commenting about the content. Your valuable words mean a lot.

    Its sad to learn that Kuenzang sir is also facing the same trouble in Gujarat. Hope weather will turn better next time.
    @ Eternal happiness: Thanks a lot for your comment, I intended to deceive my readers though, :)
    @ Langa, as always you have been a regular reader for my stuffs and m always grateful to you for your comments.
    @ Anu: Hope you didnt get me wrong when you started reading the first two paras. if you thought the other way, I am sorry. :) nad hoping that sun will hear my voice now.

    Keep visiting friends.

  7. hi friend.... your creation amaze me alot... do keep writing and groom your writing,,,thumps up fro you....

  8. Hi Anon, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on it. Keep visiting. :)