Monday, 5 September 2011

The Unexpressed Love.

In continuation...,

A couple of days ago, the author posted a poem titled, "The Princess of My Dream" where he wrote and expressed what he felt for a girl, which actually happens to be in his dream. Dream because he doesn't have her, holding her hand but in the mean time, a Dzongkha Poem interrupted the pathway of the real story, sorry for that. Actually written in missing memory of a friend and not necessarily a girlfriend, the dzongkha poem has nothing to deal with the emotion of the author for obvious reasons, which is why he dedicated the poem to those lovers who are away from each other. Now the story about the Princess of My Dream continues..,

The early spring days has come to an end,
But the summer remained more temperate than usual.
The monsoon cleansed the sins of soil and went,
But the inner strength of mine, it remained so casual.

The winds from the south, it left for the north,
Touching gently, the greenery of our little Harvard.
The angelic countenance of you, though of great worth,
Yet I could not entice your mind, being born introvert.

The deep felt thoughts of mine, like the hidden treasure,
It remained unexpressed. And my tender heart,
It remained silent, thus derived no pleasure
For I feared the consequences of denial, the gravely hurt.

My inner soul, it longed for you but in vain
And idly my days passed by, dreaming the fantasy.
But deep within, I wanted to face every pain,
To grab the Princess of my Dream and bring to intimacy.

Days passed swiftly and session came to an end.
My feelings for you, it nurtured immensely in haste.
But the courage to express my heart, static it remained
And my truly felt love, it left unexpressed.


  1. Zaii letro.....nice poem......I enjoyed going through are really bringing up lovely pieces here....keep going la.........

  2. Nice poem bro. Enjoyed reading it. Keep posting!

  3. Hi Tandekz and Langa. Thanks for the comment, glad to learn that you enjoyed the verse, more following. :))

  4. Hope u will express the feelings soon:) All the best leo :)