Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Ultimate Solace.

google images: Hope will keep you alive.

In the swirling ripples of the mighty lake,
The image of the silver moon broke into thousand pieces,
Though desperate, yet it reflects a thousand light.

My heart too, it broke into infinite fragments,
Besides, my pulse nearly paused for forever,
And desperately I wept a thousand tears.

But when the conscience lit the light of awareness,
My misery dispersed into the air of unseen space,
And each drop of tears, it turned into a chromatic rainbow.

When the breeze of consciousness propels,
Then the clouds of ignorance shall dispel,
And there shines the sun of perception to light my way.

Thus along with these infinite rays of hope
The fragmented heart by unrequited love shall recuperate
And voyage with a new life, yet keeping the old Hope.

And for a time being, the story stops here.