Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Incomplete Circle.

In this convulsive world, I was born,
I have no shoe to shield my sole.
From the celestial abode you were blessed
To rescue and ransom my life.
Still then, in the ocean of suffering,
I was to sob, all alone.

Like the abandoned ship,
Sinking in the boundless ocean,
My daily customary are startled,
And in melancholy, I shed my tears.
But fate of mine says, your tender heart
Will overwhelm my depressed soul.

In this materialistic world,
I longed for a special asset,
Which I saw in you
  So for your enlightened heart, I waited,
Yet thy heart showed no empathy,
And down into despair, drenched my frail heart.

Like the songs of Nightingale,
Your melodious words echoes my ears.
Your countenance hallucinate my eyes.
Your deeds overwhelm my thoughts.
But like the perishing dews on dying leaf,
The joy I derived from you were short lived.

I wished a thousand wish,
And aspired an endless means.
But my wishes and aspirations in vain,
My hopes and yearnings futile,
My heart no more in peace and
Alas, my Circle Remains Incomplete.

                                                                                          to be continued...,                                              

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