Monday, 26 September 2011

Love Express

In continuum...,
source: linked.

In my eye to envision this universe,
All I see is the same flower, that’s you.
From thousand lights that illuminate darkness,
The only glow which I could sense
Is from your sparkling dew.

Thus in this world of materialism,
You are the only I asset I would own.
You are the precious soul of my dying body,
Without which I am a soulless log
Which is prone to decay, never to rise again.

If you say distance is the bar, then you are wrong;
Distance is just an ephemeral illusion
And what really matters is the eternal faith.
To thee, I shall remain devoted forever,
And this is the promise I will always keep.

For speaking the words of love,
I possess no eloquence but a coward me,
Yet fate compelled me to say these precious words.
“I Love you,” for I could not further keep it secret.
It’s not a mere word, but a fates compulsion.

Now shall I call thee my Princess,
And not the Princess of my Dream?
Now shall I be so possessive
To never let you go away from me?
Oh! This is no more a dream now.

Gathering all my guts, I dared to say all this,
My words are few but my heart full.
And now it’s all your heart
That would turn my dream into reality
And keep my spirit glowing.


  1. congratulation my dose,i wish thee to have a peaceful life with your princess forever..........

  2. Pema, you gotta kidding me here. It seems you didnt continue reading the story.