Friday, 30 September 2011

I preferred solitude amid crowd.

Early in the morning as i woke up and peeped through the window from the apartment where my sister is living I could see the golden rays of sun bathing the hills of Kuensel Phodrang with the partially obstructed image of the giant Buddha in the midst of pines, facing the mud ridden roads of the rapidly metamorphosing Olakha. and this is the early morning beauty which I would cherish. At such a moment, the only wish I could wish is to love and get loved, the necessity in the life of sentient beings immersed in the realms of suffering. For love is one such phenomenon which captivate all other senses and makes man lost in thoughts and words, and such a love should remain eternal. But soon my sister had to leave for her office so I was all alone orphaned in the room bounded by walls so opaque, only with a wide screen TV in front of me, which hardly drew my attention. I was lost in thoughts, may be with bizarre dreams overwhelmed me.
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This made me set out of home and roam around the Thimphu town, all alone. I even didn't call my friend who lives just a couple of meters away from where I stayed. I felt that being alone is the only solace which would overcome my weariness, or may be I was of the notion that being alone is not loneliness. But thimphu is not a place which I am deeply acquainted with. If asked I even don't know which road leads to which Chang and as such just like a stray dog which go in search for something to eat, I loitered around in search of nothing but some unknown quest.
At one moment, I found myself seated in a internet cafe, and that was the only moment of happiness, but it was too short. You see, this is law of nature. Beauty is short lived, moments of joy and ecstacy is too short, and like the rainbows, many such joyous moments disappear so soon before we can actually feel it and sense it.

Autumn has already come to Thimphu. The natures greenness is giving its way to myriad colours of fruitfulness. The flowers are in full blossom with bees buzzing around; the fruits on the tree are near ripening and with the festivity of Thimphu tsechu and historic Royal wedding around the corner, in such a panoramic valley adorned with mighty hills all around, all I could sense is the richness and bountifulness in the capital city.
Thimphu is busy in her own way and so are the people; the traffics on the way are heavy and pedestrians over flood the roads and paths. But deep within me, there is that vacuum state, which the richness and beauties of the environ couldn't fill. my mind was ragd with weariness and emotions wrecked with despair, and still I long for that special quest, which is something beyound my potential to get hold of it. Thus, I preferred solitude than mingling with friends.
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The gentle breeze is rustling the the leaves of the mellow poplars and willows, the prayer flags are fluttering swiftly to get its valued inscriptions faded, the birds twittering and flying in folks, the Wangchu with its pure colour flows swiftly beneath the prophesied Lungten Zampa cleansing the mud ridden banks of the bygone summer, as I headed towards the bus station to get a reservation for my journey ahead. Crossing the scenic Dochula and historic Pelela, I shall trace my way towards the hills of Sun Sunshine, where my aging mom would await his youngest son, with a warm smile.

For now, it has been quite long here typing all this free thoughts, so I have to give way to those waiting in queue to surf and chat.

P.S: Not edited, errors regretted, as I posted directly from cafe.

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  1. Emotional! Liked reading it, though. Safe Journey bro, and have a wonderful time with your relatives back home. :)