Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hand on Training- The week just gone By.

This semester is going to be more tedious and tiring as we are to raise quality planting materials and sale in  the market for its eventual planting out. It is indeed a good opportunity for us as we are developing the skills of entrepreneurship but with monsoon season almost finished, so is the planting season. Therefore despite our repeated  visit and urge to the concerned organizations who do plantation works, we could not find a good market. Now instead of wasting time in search of market, we have begin our work in the nursery with soil works. We were allotted with plots a couple of days ago so we cleared the weeds and started digging the compact soil. 

The last time I worked in the field was some three years ago, back home where I join my parents in digging the field for growing potatoes. Today as I picked up the spade and started hitting hard on the soil, it was a sweltering yet interesting working experience in the sun. Yet its just a beginning and we have a long way to go. We have to sow the seeds of timber species and other fuelwood species, but as stated earlier due to seasonal constraints, we are planning to go with vegetative propagation. Then we have to perform various cultural practices like weeding, hoeing, transplanting, irrigation, etc, until we get the standard sized planting material.

After all, what we learn is more important at this stage rather than thinking about the overall success of the work, because in a short span of five months, its physically difficult, climatically unfeasible, and economically nonviable to carry out an entrepreneurship.  we being a first batch of students following a new syllabus, what we do will be just a trial one and by the time our semester comes to an end, I am hopeful that we can leave a good experience for the teachers to carry out the same programme successfully in the coming years.
This is indeed going to be a good exexperience for me  because, if ever I take a keen interest in establishing a Hi-Tech nursery once returning back home, quality plating materials can be raised easily for the welfare of fellow countrymen who are keen in carrying out plantation works, :)
Till then Save Forest, Save World.

My Plot prior to digging.

Work Started, Action paused.

Single bed Half Done.
10m by 1m single bed ready.


  1. seeing you with spade a spade i'm already feeling nostalgic. It reminds my days back home where i used to be in the field with my hands blistered, in line with many other villagers, sometimes with a hoe, sometimes with a spade, and sometimes with a stick in between the oxen. Especially in summer under the scorching heat, drenched with sweat, instead of working actively my mind would be lost most of time thinking , when would be the time for lunch and rest…..
    wish you to get good species ..soil looks fertile…all the best!!!!!

  2. Oh so we share the same farming back ground. Indeed its is interesting to work in field some times though it is tiring and tedious while working on it. Hoping we can get a better reap bro.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. seems you took lots of effort to make that grassy land to a cultivable bed. Good work! and i am happy that you have got such a wonderful future mission, I am sure you will be able to fulfill it.

  4. There seems to be a good scope if ever we keenly work on establishing a nursery in Bhutan as a part of entrepreneurship, but will have to see. Any way thanks for your good wishes, Sangay.

  5. Aaaah! You are really working hard with your work. Indeed, the grass land changing to cultivable bed was amazing. But you might have had a tough time working under the sun mosh.

    Good Luck with your further work and take a good rest :)

  6. hope you will achieve all your dreams because your are really putting efforts.......... All the best and wish you to get wonder product from that.............

  7. @ Yeesi7: hoping that we can reap the what we desire at the speculated time. Yah it was tiring but this is way of life menna. :)
    Thanks for your good wishes anonymous. Hoping for the best only. :)
    Keep visiting la.