Monday, 26 September 2011

Love Me in the End.

"Are perfect matches still made in heaven?" Reads the caption just below the title of the book as entitled above, a romantic fiction written by Sonia Kundra Singh.
Mine is a 18 hour journey and its during this hours that I generally read some magazines or books which I pick up from the book shops at the station randomly. Thinking that I can complete reading one book by the time I reach my destination in Hasimara the next day, I picked up this book, but the title of book amazed me. As my journey started (20:40, 25/9/11) I felt so gloomy as if I was leaving for war, though I am heading for home sweet home. My friend who was sick for days is not totally fit as of now, so I have this obligation of making his journey a comfortable one as well. So after settling ourselves on our berths, I started to flip the pages of the book which I bought while my friend was tuning himself to musics.
But some bizzare thoughts overwhelmed me and I couldnot find out the reason why the title of the book is "Love me in the End," and until I get a proper internet and time, I wont be able to complete my poetic saga of Love which have already begin, nor would I be able to discover the secrets in this romantic novel by an Indian lady.
Good days fellow bloggers and my visitors.

P.s posted via mobile so it might be full of errors. Kindly bear with me.


  1. So passionate a blogger you are that you even post articles from mobile phones too. You are going home? Safe journey bro and wud love to hear more about the book and your poetic saga. Meet Bhutan and say 'hi' to it from my side too :)