Friday, 23 September 2011

HAppy Blessed Rainy Day- Past, Present and Future.

The day would begin with an early morning bath, followed by a delicious porridge. And then in queue lies the Suja (Bhutanese Butter Tea) and Dzaw (Roasted Rice), Rice and varieties of curries, and having filled the stomach, men would set out with the Bow and Arrows, while ladies gather together to share the moments of joy with the fellow neighbours. They would forget about their hectic day labour in such a season of fruitfulness and wear their best attires to relive themselves from year long exhaustion. Such a trend is common in my village during the auspicious occasion of Thrue-bab, the Blessed Rainy Day.
Thrue bab 2009 with villagers.

Two years ago, my vacation so happened that it coincided with this very occasion. I had all the privilege to join my parents and relatives in celebrating the important moment by sharing all the scrumptious items and most important of all, love and affection. It was during that year I played my favourite game viz.., archery the national game of Bhutan with the fellow village folks and now turned father, my old classmates. Dancing traditional songs is my favourite though my voice is so hoarse. Yet with each Karey (Hit) , I do not care who listens to such an odd noise because I know quite a number of Boedra and few Zhungdra, and being a village lad my way of living is more or less adhered towards traditional folks. 

Last year, though I was on vacation again, the day coincided with fifteenth day of eight month, on which day an auspicious blessing of Long life is being held annually in the historic Trongsa Dzong so I had to give my preference to getting life lengthening blessing from lama over the sin cleansing blessing from the rain. 
Our nursery Progress.

But this year, my Thrue-bab is going to be in the college with my only Bhutanese colleague accompanying me. Sadly he couldnot be in good health to share the laughter owing to the seasonal fever which is so common in this place. Of late, my days has been so hectic that I had to work of at least four hours in the field every day to accomplish the primary task of soil preparation, seed sowing, planting cuttings et al.., of our entrepreneurship programme of raising quality planting material in the nursery. Now that most of the major works are completed, I am all set to enjoy my Thrue-bab without going to the field but there is no charm staying idly in the room either. Any way I will be making my day with a cup of porridge, followed by tea and snacks, with doses of laughter with my sick friend. Hopefully this blessing rain might cleanse away the clots in the nerve of my friend. I am also hopeful that the toil which we put these days in the field would reap us a luxuriant fruit by the time our semester comes to an end. 

However this is going to be my last Thrue-bab in India so, I should be optimistic that i will have a wonderful Thrue-bab in the succeeding years, sharing every doses of fun and love with the beloved ones, and of course playing archery with new friends back at home.

With the season of golden fall,
filled with mellow fruitfulness and bounty harvest,
With the joyous moments of heavenly bliss,
And with the peaceful shower of eternal rain,

Wishing every body a very "Happy Blessed Rainy Day."


  1. Alalala...tired of wishing Happy thrue... lolzzz
    Anyways, I thoroughly had a morning porridge with your article and it does taste much much better here than staying empty stomach in the library staring at the computer screen.

    Happy Thrue Once again!

  2. Haha, the more you wish for others, the more you receive good wishes menbu... so dont get tired tubga. Any way, nice to learn that you made your thrue with tasty porridge. keep enjoying.
    And thank you so much for your many good wishes. tc Yeesi.

  3. Happy Blessed Rainy Day Leo. For me the day has been a dry dry one. No plan as such here. Hope you enjoyed the day.

  4. Thanks a lot Sangay. Hope you too enjoyed the day.. :)