Sunday, 25 September 2011

Love- The Undiscovered Mystery.

In continuation from The  The Sleeping Beauty.

google images: Everything is prone to fall.

I never was struck before
With such a scent of intoxicating nature
And never did I experience a euphoric moment
Like the way I did at the moment, I saw you.

Like the blooming of sweet flower
That attracts the humming bees from million miles,
With love so sudden and sweet,
You stole away my silent heart completely.

Yet to the princess of my dream
The deep felt love remained unexpressed
Thus, I waited for a right moment to do so,
If not to discover that, I was deceived by my own fate.

With changing time, the mortal body is liable to ache
But my love for you will remain evergreen
In the secret chambers of tender heart,
And I promise to keep the bond tightened forever.

The night before, you brought a drop of tear
That rolls down my cheeks but with each drop,
It produced a luminous rainbow
An indication of a escalating karmic bond.
But will such a rainbow last forever?

                                                                                                      And it continues..,


  1. Awesome poem bro. You are just so good at it! Don't stop. I may not comment on some posts due to time constraint but be assured that you have a regular reader in me who never misses any single post of yours. Looking forward to your next episode of poems...:)Great Weekend bro!

  2. I value you being my regular visitor and commentator. Thank you so much for taking time to go through my scribbles, and yeah, don't miss the next episodes... happy weekends to you too.

  3. So many nice poems are coming up on ur blog sa......keep it up and keep going mey .....have a nice day la........

  4. Wow! what a beautiful poem, i really like it. I hope to read your next episode which i think will be a confessed love...:)

  5. this is a wonderful poem. what will be next. I am eager to read more. Hope it will be more interesting.

  6. Hi guys, thanks for visiting the blog and dropping your valuable comments. I will try to keep entertain you la. keep visiting.

  7. hi lethro, happy to know you found your tshe ngyen gi letro.