Monday, 19 September 2011

Weeping In Solitude.

Life is so uncertain with lots of uncertainties happening around and we should prepare ourselves to face the sudden perilous consequences anytime. Written during one of the mournful nights during my high school days, I discovered this piece about "Uncertainty" from the pile of papers that I kept intact. 

In times it keep rolling and I cannot hold!

So calm and peaceful was the night,
Cool gentle breeze swept my ear,
As lonely, I sat with my only asset
Trying so hard to grasp up all.
The more I thought, my concentration
Shattered at the faster rate; in despair I then wept.
The silence was broken, when the jackals
Howled eerily, when dogs barked louder,
And when wind blew stronger.
As such forces combined together,
Flashback of miseries overwhelmed me
Compelling more tear to fall.
‘Just like an urchin I was left,
With a poor but caring mom.
Having lost my dad before I could sense,
I was in midst of sorrow all days.
Just before the setting of the gloomy sun,
The moon was eclipsed. More bereavement
As death dragged my innocent sister
And neurosis wrecked the sturdy one.’
“What a doomed fate we were to face,
In this mundane world.” I thought.
As environment regained its peace
I was relieved that it was story of past,
Yet I discovered my book, filled with the
Product of Solitary Weeping.


  1. Hey! Since everything is quite alright, I hope no uncertainties ties with Bhutan again. The only thing left to say is "Take care"

  2. Hey bro, a nice poem. Enjoyed reading it. It's good that you have preserved your write ups from school days. I sadly didn't. :(

  3. @ Yeesi, SoM NOVU, Langa. Thanks for visiting this blog and dropping your valuable comments. Keep visiting la.

  4. Though i didn't feel the effect of earthquake here, but then i was so frightened the instant i heard the news bcoz of my previous experience.
    Sorry for those who lost their lives during this earthquake, we mourn along with their beloved ones, may their soul rest in peace.

  5. Yeah lets pray that the victims recover soon. Thanks for dropping by Sangay. :)

  6. Sorry to hear about this. I should have known.

  7. Its fine Yeesi, :) i wondered why the comments of my readers contradicted the story, though.