Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Keep Your Spirit Glowing- My Friend.

We hail from the same locality and studied in same school since our lower grades, We were classmate for four years and another two years we were room mates in the hostel. We were never far from each other, if not at ones beck and call, until we completed our class twelve a couple of years ago. We share a same family background of being raised by single parent and elder siblings who toil their days in the farm  and as such, we stay in an intimate relation of brothers. But fate had it that we were to pursue our own destiny in different direction so we land up separated from each other. However, the cyber world has always played an important role in connecting us together irrespective of height and width.   

Dorji RhigdenPeljor is my friend, who have done marvelously well in his BHSEC 2007, and if not of his one mark deficit in English, he could have easily qualified to pursue Engineering abroad under normal conditions.
But Lucky people are convinced that any ill fortune in their life will, in a long run, work out for the best and so was he. Never did he lost his hope in pursuing his studies further and no sooner did he knew that he is not going to get a normal scholarship, he made his own efforts to seek otehr opportunities and soon the lights of opportunity shone his way when he could easily avail an opportunity to study Architecture in one of the prestigious colleges in Thailand (Shinawatra International University). In the University, his keen interest in studies made him master his aspirations and his enthusiasm in sports make him a good bicycler and kayaker in a short span of time. It is indeed ones keen interest and enthusiasm that turn every endeavour into miracle.

He is a handsome young man, with decent character and polite attitude. His interest in the field of music and filming not only gave him many opportunities to sing and act in dramas during school days but also featured in a number of Bhutanese Serials and Musical Videos. He is one such multi talented friend of mine. Facebook is not only about chit chatting with strangers and flirting with opposite sexes. For him it is just another door for opportunity and during his last winter break, his facebook chat got him a wonderful privilege to represent Bhutanese youth to give a presentation of “Media and Democracy” in one of the Universities in Chennai.

“But to my utmost astonishment and grief, I heard from my cousin that you, (my friend Rhigden,) were infected with Pulmonary Lungs Tuberculosis, which made you stay isolated from the few companions that you have in hospital in the foreign soil. I could not imagine how dreadful life could be when alone we are to stay in a tiny room with nobody to talk with, with nobody to share the smiles and grief. Facebook and blogging kept us close for long but when such a misfortune befalls upon you, there is nothing I could do then shed tears of sorrow and feel sorry for you being the fateful patient. 

For sure, your appetite will be low, and your nights will be sleepless; you will definitely miss your mother’s love and care, and affections of your beloved relatives, but I would like to request you to take proper food and medications, and keep your spirit glowing. As said by your lecturer, strong mind can conquer everything and I know you have that spirit as you have proved your strength in many occasions in the past. Also remember that there is nobody in this world who loves and cares us the way we do for ourselves (Rang-lay chea-pa jur-pa ne. Jig-ten de-nang med-zhen dhu...). I also requested my cousin to visit you constantly and give necessary support. I am glad to learn that your condition is better now and as days passed by, you will regain your health and strength back to normalcy under the auspices of your lecturers and friends out there.

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery.
May God bless You.
With love. 

- Your friend Letro. "

How emotionally he has written on his blog: "He kindly withdraw his icy hands"


  1. aiiiiiiiiiiiii felt sorry for your friend...............Hope he will get well soon...............

  2. Hi anonymous, thanks for dropping by and expressing your warm wishes. I am hopeful as well.

  3. I have visited him today.....but felt very sorry for him....When I saw him I had tough time to hold my tear....I didn't know what to say and what to do.....Its really touching to see ones friend like this in strange land alone......I spent sometime there with him and back to my room.....I wish the hospital where he is, is nearby my college so that I can help him as and when he need.....

  4. Tandekz: Glad to learn that you spared your time to make a visit to him. Yeah, I too feel sorry but there is nothing I can do then express my wishes n prayers. Seeing you all around will give him more strength to fight the condition so hope you can visit him and encourage him more next time also.

  5. Well life is so uncertain, something unexpected thing suddenly take the way down amidst the blissful life. And I wish him gradual recovery of his normal health la.

  6. Yah, we never know what will happen next so there is nothing we can do to stop the uncertainty.
    Thanks you, Sangay Pelzang, for the good wishes you expressed for him.:)

  7. Thank you everyone for your good wishes and prayers.. the comfort and relieve that I get through your wishes are immeasurable.. day by day my aches and qualms are declining and feeling much better.. I would treasure all your sweet words.. and @leo thank you so much coming up with this beautiful post..