Friday, 30 September 2011

Happy Royal Wedding.


Happy Royal Wedding: 

ལེགས་སོ་ལེགས་སོ་སྨན་ལྗོངས་སྐྱིད་པའི་ཡུལ།། ཕྱིའི་ལྕགས་རི་གངས་རིས་རྭ་བས་བསྐོར།།
ནང་དུ་ཡིད་བཞིན་བསམ་པའི་དོན་འསྒྲུབ་པ།། ཆོས་རྒྱལ་པད་གླིང་གདུང་བརྒྱུད་ཕེབས་པར་ལེགས།།

ཆོས་སྲིད་རིང་ལུགས་ཡར་ངོའི་ཟླ་ལྟར་འཕེལ།། ནད་མེད་ཆར་ཆུ་དུས་འབབ་ལོ་ཕྱུག་ལེགས།།
འབངས་རྣམས་ཡིད་དགའ་འབྱོར་ལྡན་སྣང་བ་སྐྱིད།། དབང་ཕྱུག་བརྒྱུད་འཛིན་རྒྱལ་པོའི་རྗེ་དྲན་ཡིན།།

ལུང་བསྟན་རྒྱལ་པོ་མི་དབང་གེ་སར་མཆོག།། རྒྱལ་ཁྲི་ལྔ་པར་འཕེབས་པར་ཁ་རྗེ་བཟང་།།
མི་དབང་རྒྱལ་བཙུན་བཞེས་པའི་སྙན་སྒྲགས་འདི།། འཛམ་གླིང་ཡོངས་ལ་ཁྱབས་པར་རྟེན་བྲེལ་བཟང་།།

གདུང་བརྒྱུད་ལྷ་ལས་འབྱོན་པའི་མངའ་ཞབས་དང་།། གདུང་རབས་སྤང་སྟོད་ཆོས་ཀྱི་ཨ་ཞེས་གཉིས།།
 ལུང་བསྟན་སྤུང་ཐང་བདེ་ཆེན་ཕོ་བྲང་ནང་།། རྒྱལ་བཙུན་མངའ་གསོལ་ཞུ་བ་སེམས་རེ་དགའ།།

ཐབས་དང་ཤེས་རབ་མཐུད་པའི་རྟེན་འབྲེལ་ལུ།། དམ་ཚིག་གཙང་མ་དར་གྱི་མདུད་ཕོད་བཅིང་།།
དབུ་འཕངས་མཐོ་བའི་གསེར་ཁྲི་རྩ་བ་ལུ།། དད་དམ་གཙང་བའི་བཀྲ་ཤིས་ཁ་དར་ཕུལ།།

རྒྱལ་བློན་འབངས་གསུམ་འཛོམས་པའི་འབྲུག་ཡུལ་ནང་།། འདོད་དབང་དཔལ་ཡོན་གོང་ནས་གོང་དུ་འཕེལ།།
པདྨའི་པད་འདབ་མཚོ་ནས་རྒྱས་པ་བཞིན།། ཇི་སྲིད་ནམ་གནས་བར་དུ་བརྟན་པར་ཤོག།།

I preferred solitude amid crowd.

Early in the morning as i woke up and peeped through the window from the apartment where my sister is living I could see the golden rays of sun bathing the hills of Kuensel Phodrang with the partially obstructed image of the giant Buddha in the midst of pines, facing the mud ridden roads of the rapidly metamorphosing Olakha. and this is the early morning beauty which I would cherish. At such a moment, the only wish I could wish is to love and get loved, the necessity in the life of sentient beings immersed in the realms of suffering. For love is one such phenomenon which captivate all other senses and makes man lost in thoughts and words, and such a love should remain eternal. But soon my sister had to leave for her office so I was all alone orphaned in the room bounded by walls so opaque, only with a wide screen TV in front of me, which hardly drew my attention. I was lost in thoughts, may be with bizarre dreams overwhelmed me.
google: thimphu

This made me set out of home and roam around the Thimphu town, all alone. I even didn't call my friend who lives just a couple of meters away from where I stayed. I felt that being alone is the only solace which would overcome my weariness, or may be I was of the notion that being alone is not loneliness. But thimphu is not a place which I am deeply acquainted with. If asked I even don't know which road leads to which Chang and as such just like a stray dog which go in search for something to eat, I loitered around in search of nothing but some unknown quest.
At one moment, I found myself seated in a internet cafe, and that was the only moment of happiness, but it was too short. You see, this is law of nature. Beauty is short lived, moments of joy and ecstacy is too short, and like the rainbows, many such joyous moments disappear so soon before we can actually feel it and sense it.

Autumn has already come to Thimphu. The natures greenness is giving its way to myriad colours of fruitfulness. The flowers are in full blossom with bees buzzing around; the fruits on the tree are near ripening and with the festivity of Thimphu tsechu and historic Royal wedding around the corner, in such a panoramic valley adorned with mighty hills all around, all I could sense is the richness and bountifulness in the capital city.
Thimphu is busy in her own way and so are the people; the traffics on the way are heavy and pedestrians over flood the roads and paths. But deep within me, there is that vacuum state, which the richness and beauties of the environ couldn't fill. my mind was ragd with weariness and emotions wrecked with despair, and still I long for that special quest, which is something beyound my potential to get hold of it. Thus, I preferred solitude than mingling with friends.
google images

The gentle breeze is rustling the the leaves of the mellow poplars and willows, the prayer flags are fluttering swiftly to get its valued inscriptions faded, the birds twittering and flying in folks, the Wangchu with its pure colour flows swiftly beneath the prophesied Lungten Zampa cleansing the mud ridden banks of the bygone summer, as I headed towards the bus station to get a reservation for my journey ahead. Crossing the scenic Dochula and historic Pelela, I shall trace my way towards the hills of Sun Sunshine, where my aging mom would await his youngest son, with a warm smile.

For now, it has been quite long here typing all this free thoughts, so I have to give way to those waiting in queue to surf and chat.

P.S: Not edited, errors regretted, as I posted directly from cafe.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Ultimate Solace.

google images: Hope will keep you alive.

In the swirling ripples of the mighty lake,
The image of the silver moon broke into thousand pieces,
Though desperate, yet it reflects a thousand light.

My heart too, it broke into infinite fragments,
Besides, my pulse nearly paused for forever,
And desperately I wept a thousand tears.

But when the conscience lit the light of awareness,
My misery dispersed into the air of unseen space,
And each drop of tears, it turned into a chromatic rainbow.

When the breeze of consciousness propels,
Then the clouds of ignorance shall dispel,
And there shines the sun of perception to light my way.

Thus along with these infinite rays of hope
The fragmented heart by unrequited love shall recuperate
And voyage with a new life, yet keeping the old Hope.

And for a time being, the story stops here.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Incomplete Circle.

In this convulsive world, I was born,
I have no shoe to shield my sole.
From the celestial abode you were blessed
To rescue and ransom my life.
Still then, in the ocean of suffering,
I was to sob, all alone.

Like the abandoned ship,
Sinking in the boundless ocean,
My daily customary are startled,
And in melancholy, I shed my tears.
But fate of mine says, your tender heart
Will overwhelm my depressed soul.

In this materialistic world,
I longed for a special asset,
Which I saw in you
  So for your enlightened heart, I waited,
Yet thy heart showed no empathy,
And down into despair, drenched my frail heart.

Like the songs of Nightingale,
Your melodious words echoes my ears.
Your countenance hallucinate my eyes.
Your deeds overwhelm my thoughts.
But like the perishing dews on dying leaf,
The joy I derived from you were short lived.

I wished a thousand wish,
And aspired an endless means.
But my wishes and aspirations in vain,
My hopes and yearnings futile,
My heart no more in peace and
Alas, my Circle Remains Incomplete.

                                                                                          to be continued...,                                              

Monday, 26 September 2011

Love Express

In continuum...,
source: linked.

In my eye to envision this universe,
All I see is the same flower, that’s you.
From thousand lights that illuminate darkness,
The only glow which I could sense
Is from your sparkling dew.

Thus in this world of materialism,
You are the only I asset I would own.
You are the precious soul of my dying body,
Without which I am a soulless log
Which is prone to decay, never to rise again.

If you say distance is the bar, then you are wrong;
Distance is just an ephemeral illusion
And what really matters is the eternal faith.
To thee, I shall remain devoted forever,
And this is the promise I will always keep.

For speaking the words of love,
I possess no eloquence but a coward me,
Yet fate compelled me to say these precious words.
“I Love you,” for I could not further keep it secret.
It’s not a mere word, but a fates compulsion.

Now shall I call thee my Princess,
And not the Princess of my Dream?
Now shall I be so possessive
To never let you go away from me?
Oh! This is no more a dream now.

Gathering all my guts, I dared to say all this,
My words are few but my heart full.
And now it’s all your heart
That would turn my dream into reality
And keep my spirit glowing.

Love Me in the End.

"Are perfect matches still made in heaven?" Reads the caption just below the title of the book as entitled above, a romantic fiction written by Sonia Kundra Singh.
Mine is a 18 hour journey and its during this hours that I generally read some magazines or books which I pick up from the book shops at the station randomly. Thinking that I can complete reading one book by the time I reach my destination in Hasimara the next day, I picked up this book, but the title of book amazed me. As my journey started (20:40, 25/9/11) I felt so gloomy as if I was leaving for war, though I am heading for home sweet home. My friend who was sick for days is not totally fit as of now, so I have this obligation of making his journey a comfortable one as well. So after settling ourselves on our berths, I started to flip the pages of the book which I bought while my friend was tuning himself to musics.
But some bizzare thoughts overwhelmed me and I couldnot find out the reason why the title of the book is "Love me in the End," and until I get a proper internet and time, I wont be able to complete my poetic saga of Love which have already begin, nor would I be able to discover the secrets in this romantic novel by an Indian lady.
Good days fellow bloggers and my visitors.

P.s posted via mobile so it might be full of errors. Kindly bear with me.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Love- The Undiscovered Mystery.

In continuation from The  The Sleeping Beauty.

google images: Everything is prone to fall.

I never was struck before
With such a scent of intoxicating nature
And never did I experience a euphoric moment
Like the way I did at the moment, I saw you.

Like the blooming of sweet flower
That attracts the humming bees from million miles,
With love so sudden and sweet,
You stole away my silent heart completely.

Yet to the princess of my dream
The deep felt love remained unexpressed
Thus, I waited for a right moment to do so,
If not to discover that, I was deceived by my own fate.

With changing time, the mortal body is liable to ache
But my love for you will remain evergreen
In the secret chambers of tender heart,
And I promise to keep the bond tightened forever.

The night before, you brought a drop of tear
That rolls down my cheeks but with each drop,
It produced a luminous rainbow
An indication of a escalating karmic bond.
But will such a rainbow last forever?

                                                                                                      And it continues..,

Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Sleeping Beauty.

In continuation with  The Wind of Affection.

google images: the hollyhock;
Oh, the Princess of My dream!
My love for you, it will flow with the lyrical verse,
And my care and affection,
You will sense through its melodic tunes.
Oh, the princess of my dream.

The dazzling petals of the Alpine Dock,
The luscious nectar of the Oceanic Lotus,
The appealing blossom of the Temperate Marigold,
And the aromatic fragrance of the Tropical Hollyhock;
They are like the way of your stunning stroll,
They are like the radiance of your beautiful smile,
And like your enchanting wisdom of humanity,
Oh, the princess of my dream.

Oh, the Princess of My dream!
My love for you, it will flow with the lyrical verse,
And my care and affection,
You will sense through its melodic tunes.
Oh the princess of my dream.

The precious gem though my hand might grasp.
Even if somebody bribe me with gold and silver,
The precious life though death shall drag,
And for endless generations, though I might suffer;
Yet from my fonder heart, I won’t erase you,
To the powerful mans, I won’t loss you,
And forever, I will keep you as ornament of my soul.
Oh, the princess of my dream.

Listen the Video Song With Subtitles Below.

P.S:  The English Version of "Nyelam Nang Gi Azhi"- The Sleeping Beauty. Mind not for the flaws in translation. Writer claims no originality, and beauties if any (In this piece) belong to the composer of original Dzongkha lyric, and for the distorted beauty, I bear the guilt. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

HAppy Blessed Rainy Day- Past, Present and Future.

The day would begin with an early morning bath, followed by a delicious porridge. And then in queue lies the Suja (Bhutanese Butter Tea) and Dzaw (Roasted Rice), Rice and varieties of curries, and having filled the stomach, men would set out with the Bow and Arrows, while ladies gather together to share the moments of joy with the fellow neighbours. They would forget about their hectic day labour in such a season of fruitfulness and wear their best attires to relive themselves from year long exhaustion. Such a trend is common in my village during the auspicious occasion of Thrue-bab, the Blessed Rainy Day.
Thrue bab 2009 with villagers.

Two years ago, my vacation so happened that it coincided with this very occasion. I had all the privilege to join my parents and relatives in celebrating the important moment by sharing all the scrumptious items and most important of all, love and affection. It was during that year I played my favourite game viz.., archery the national game of Bhutan with the fellow village folks and now turned father, my old classmates. Dancing traditional songs is my favourite though my voice is so hoarse. Yet with each Karey (Hit) , I do not care who listens to such an odd noise because I know quite a number of Boedra and few Zhungdra, and being a village lad my way of living is more or less adhered towards traditional folks. 

Last year, though I was on vacation again, the day coincided with fifteenth day of eight month, on which day an auspicious blessing of Long life is being held annually in the historic Trongsa Dzong so I had to give my preference to getting life lengthening blessing from lama over the sin cleansing blessing from the rain. 
Our nursery Progress.

But this year, my Thrue-bab is going to be in the college with my only Bhutanese colleague accompanying me. Sadly he couldnot be in good health to share the laughter owing to the seasonal fever which is so common in this place. Of late, my days has been so hectic that I had to work of at least four hours in the field every day to accomplish the primary task of soil preparation, seed sowing, planting cuttings et al.., of our entrepreneurship programme of raising quality planting material in the nursery. Now that most of the major works are completed, I am all set to enjoy my Thrue-bab without going to the field but there is no charm staying idly in the room either. Any way I will be making my day with a cup of porridge, followed by tea and snacks, with doses of laughter with my sick friend. Hopefully this blessing rain might cleanse away the clots in the nerve of my friend. I am also hopeful that the toil which we put these days in the field would reap us a luxuriant fruit by the time our semester comes to an end. 

However this is going to be my last Thrue-bab in India so, I should be optimistic that i will have a wonderful Thrue-bab in the succeeding years, sharing every doses of fun and love with the beloved ones, and of course playing archery with new friends back at home.

With the season of golden fall,
filled with mellow fruitfulness and bounty harvest,
With the joyous moments of heavenly bliss,
And with the peaceful shower of eternal rain,

Wishing every body a very "Happy Blessed Rainy Day."

Monday, 19 September 2011

Weeping In Solitude.

Life is so uncertain with lots of uncertainties happening around and we should prepare ourselves to face the sudden perilous consequences anytime. Written during one of the mournful nights during my high school days, I discovered this piece about "Uncertainty" from the pile of papers that I kept intact. 

In times it keep rolling and I cannot hold!

So calm and peaceful was the night,
Cool gentle breeze swept my ear,
As lonely, I sat with my only asset
Trying so hard to grasp up all.
The more I thought, my concentration
Shattered at the faster rate; in despair I then wept.
The silence was broken, when the jackals
Howled eerily, when dogs barked louder,
And when wind blew stronger.
As such forces combined together,
Flashback of miseries overwhelmed me
Compelling more tear to fall.
‘Just like an urchin I was left,
With a poor but caring mom.
Having lost my dad before I could sense,
I was in midst of sorrow all days.
Just before the setting of the gloomy sun,
The moon was eclipsed. More bereavement
As death dragged my innocent sister
And neurosis wrecked the sturdy one.’
“What a doomed fate we were to face,
In this mundane world.” I thought.
As environment regained its peace
I was relieved that it was story of past,
Yet I discovered my book, filled with the
Product of Solitary Weeping.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The Wind of Affection.

In continuation with  The Unexpressed Love.

ལེགས་པའི་གསེར་ཤོག་མེ་ཏོག།། རྒྱ་མཚོའི་ཕར་ཁ་ཤར་རུང་།།
གསིལ་བའི་རླུང་གི་གཡབས་སྟི།། ཟིལ་དངར་ཚུར་ཁ་ལྷོད་སོང་།།
ཚུར་ལོགས་འཕུར་བའི་སེར་སྦྱངམོ།། ཁྱོད་ལུ་ཆག་དབང་མེད་རུང་།།
དྲི་བསུང་ལྡན་པའི་ཟེའུ་འབྲུ།། ཧུམ་པ་བསྐལ་བ་བཟང་སོང་།།

མཛེས་པའི་དཀར་གསལ་ཟླ་བ།། གནམ་མཁའི་དཀྱིལ་ལུ་ཤར་རུང་།།
དགུང་དང་སྤྲིན་གྱི་སྦུག་ལས།། གསིལ་འོད་ས་ཁར་ལྷོད་སོང་།།
མཚོ་ལུ་ཤར་བའི་པདྨ།། གནམ་ཁ་ལྷོད་དུས་མེད་རུང་།།
ཡར་ངོའི་ཟླ་བའི་འོད་བཞིན།། པདྨའི་པད་འདབ་རྒྱས་སོང་།།

སྐུ་དཀར་མདངས་བའི་མཆོས་རྟེན།། བྲག་གི་སྐེད་པ་བཞུགས་རུང་།།
ནང་ཟུངས་བྱིན་རླབས་ཆེཝ་ལས།། སྙན་གྲགས་ཡོངས་ལ་ཁྱབ་སོང།།
ཡུལ་ལུ་འཁྱམ་པའི་ཨ་དྲུང་།། འོ་རྒྱལ་རྟ་རྒྱུག་རྐྱབ་སྟི།།
མཆོས་རྟེན་བསྐོར་དུས་མེད་རུང་།། དད་པ་ཧིང་ལས་བསྐྱེད་སོང་།།

ཡེ་ཤེས་མཁའ་འགྲོའི་རྣམ་སྤྲུལ།། ཤེས་རབ་མཁས་པའི་ཡིད་འཕྲོགམ།།
ཆོས་གྲོགས་འཛོམས་དབང་མེད་རུང་།། སྒྲོན་གཡབ་འབུམ་པའི་རྒྱན་བཟུམ།།
བློ་ཆུང་བུ་ཚུ་རང་དང་།། བརྩེ་བའི་རླུང་གིས་གཡབས་སྟི།།
ད་རིས་གཅིག་ཁར་ཕྱད་པ།། བུ་ང་བསྐལ་བ་བཟང་སོང་།།

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Development and Environment.

Development is the key word which every leader, policy makers, and the government and far more important, the common people at grass root level emphasize. The term development though a common word, has a vast meaning varying from common people to the highly revered aristocrats and bureaucrats, but to simply understand it for our best ability, it means positive and progressive changes. So in order to bring these changes for ushering economic tranquility, economic planning is very vital as failure arises when there is a lack of proper planning and as we plan, we never plan to fail. Therefore survival and wellbeing of the nation depends upon well planned economic development in a sustainable way. 

 The term “sustainable development” though easy to speak, is now at the stake of losing its deep-rooted meaning due to various factors in developmental processes. If well taken care, it is the only process which brings about social and economic betterment that satisfies the needs and values of all interest groups without foreclosing future options. Therefore in order to secure the future, it is vital that we take necessary measures to ensure that the natural environment and its components (natural resources) from which we derive our sustenance does not deplete beyond its threshold limit. Development and environmental conservation should go hand in hand. However the strict preservation of environment meant no utilization of the natural resources, and consequently no development. 
Agriculture is considered as the backbone of nation’s development. Moreover agriculture is the main occupation of our people, with about 79% of the total population relying on it for their livelihood. In order to meet the increasing demand of food for the rising population, the agriculture land stretch beyond its boundary by clearing woodlands and forests, thus causing pressure to the natural environment. Moreover, the excessive use of different chemicals like DDT, 2-4 D, B.H.C, aldrin, aldrex, etc..., as pesticides against crop pest and use of various chemical fertilizers to augment the productivity of soil were found deleterious to the habitat of many organisms.  Growth in domesticated animal population has been accompanied by pressure on area under grasslands and pastures. Excessive grazing and browsing of animals make soil prone to water and wind erosion.

Generation of hydro-electric power from our perennial rivers is one of the largest fields of development which not only improved the living standard of our people but also contribute millions to the nation’s economy. However, lots of vegetation and organisms are damaged in bringing up such mega-projects. Many endemic species harbouring around such construction sites are eliminated from their natural habitat causing a threat of their extinction. Therefore, precautions need to be taken to reduce damage to the natural habitat of the organisms.

The coming up of large number of industries and other developmental projects have been leading to population congestion in our urban centres and on the other hand, to diversion of population and economic resources from the rural areas. This has also resulted in the pollution of most of our water bodies, which are major constituents of our life support systems. Pollution of water bodies, in turn, has adversely affected the growth of aquatic fauna and flora, which is an environmentally undesirable phenomenon for any ecosystem. The outbreak of water borne diseases poses a health hazard to those consuming and living in and around the polluted water bodies. The emission of Carbon dioxide and other obnoxious gases from the industries are great threat to the mother earth. Mining and quarrying of minerals to meet the demand of the industries leads to the degradation of environment at a great extent. The soils in such sites get exposed to torrential rain and heavy storm, causing water and wind erosion. Once degraded, it takes many years to recuperate. 

Tourism industry generates a lump sum of amount for the nation’s economy. Lots of plans and strategies are being instigated and implemented to attract low volume, high value tourist to further boast the tourism industry and in turn the nation’s economy. However, as the number of tourist increases, so do the transporters and other associates. The waste food materials and other such stuffs become difficult to manage in the fragile environment causing pollution. Most serious threats are from plastics, which takes hundreds of thousands of years for their complete decomposition. Our pristine mountains and virgin forests are no more in their original state. Human footprints have now step into the deepest of forests and highest of mountains, and this activities one way or the other has blow to our environment. 

Our forest wealth is dwindling due to over-grazing, over-exploitation both for commercial and household needs, encroachments, unsustainable practices and developmental activities such as roads, buildings, irrigation and transmission lines. The biological impoverishment of the country is a serious threat to sustainable advances in biological productivity. As the habitat of the organisms get disturbed, the organisms are shifting from one category to another in the Red Data List of IUCN. Many organisms which are found in abundant in the past are now enlisted as threatened species and if not conserved these organisms are subject to extinction. 

The impact of environmental degradation on the society is diverse and hazardous. A major menace to sustainable development has been visualized, in recent years, from environmental problems of a global nature the depletion of ozone layer, green house effect causing global warming and climate change, destruction of biological diversity and loss of genes, trans-boundary air pollution, water pollution, and trans-boundary movement of hazardous substances.

It is difficult to clearly delineate the causes and consequences of environmental degradation in terms of simple one-to-one relationships. The causes and effects are often interwoven in complex webs of social, technological and environmental factors. For instance, from a purely scientific and technological standpoint, soil erosion would result from the cultivation of marginal lands. However, from the point of view of a comprehensive environmental impact analysis, it is important to go further back and analyze the circumstances that force people to cultivate marginal lands. Viewed in this light, it becomes clear that a concern for the environment is essentially a desire to see that national development proceeds along rational, sustainable lines. Environmental conservation is, in fact, the very basis of all development. 

Our economic development cannot be weighed down in the name of the global environment. Our resources are required to meet our developmental needs such as education, nutrition, health services, drinking water, housing, sanitation, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, even all of which we find it difficult to provide having been behind in the race for development. Keeping this point in mind, we will have to reduce threats to the environment so that the resources can be sustained to meet the needs of future generation also. There is a need to curb on population growth of both human and other animals so that we can reduce the adverse demographic pressures on our resources and ecosystem. 

It is also crucial to inculcate & reinforce our traditional ethos and to build up a conservation society living in harmony with nature and making frugal and efficient use of resources guided by the best available scientific knowledge. Development has to be sustainable and all round, whether for the poor or the rich or for the village folk or for the urban people so that we can achieve an Eco Friendly Development.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Keep Your Spirit Glowing- My Friend.

We hail from the same locality and studied in same school since our lower grades, We were classmate for four years and another two years we were room mates in the hostel. We were never far from each other, if not at ones beck and call, until we completed our class twelve a couple of years ago. We share a same family background of being raised by single parent and elder siblings who toil their days in the farm  and as such, we stay in an intimate relation of brothers. But fate had it that we were to pursue our own destiny in different direction so we land up separated from each other. However, the cyber world has always played an important role in connecting us together irrespective of height and width.   

Dorji RhigdenPeljor is my friend, who have done marvelously well in his BHSEC 2007, and if not of his one mark deficit in English, he could have easily qualified to pursue Engineering abroad under normal conditions.
But Lucky people are convinced that any ill fortune in their life will, in a long run, work out for the best and so was he. Never did he lost his hope in pursuing his studies further and no sooner did he knew that he is not going to get a normal scholarship, he made his own efforts to seek otehr opportunities and soon the lights of opportunity shone his way when he could easily avail an opportunity to study Architecture in one of the prestigious colleges in Thailand (Shinawatra International University). In the University, his keen interest in studies made him master his aspirations and his enthusiasm in sports make him a good bicycler and kayaker in a short span of time. It is indeed ones keen interest and enthusiasm that turn every endeavour into miracle.

He is a handsome young man, with decent character and polite attitude. His interest in the field of music and filming not only gave him many opportunities to sing and act in dramas during school days but also featured in a number of Bhutanese Serials and Musical Videos. He is one such multi talented friend of mine. Facebook is not only about chit chatting with strangers and flirting with opposite sexes. For him it is just another door for opportunity and during his last winter break, his facebook chat got him a wonderful privilege to represent Bhutanese youth to give a presentation of “Media and Democracy” in one of the Universities in Chennai.

“But to my utmost astonishment and grief, I heard from my cousin that you, (my friend Rhigden,) were infected with Pulmonary Lungs Tuberculosis, which made you stay isolated from the few companions that you have in hospital in the foreign soil. I could not imagine how dreadful life could be when alone we are to stay in a tiny room with nobody to talk with, with nobody to share the smiles and grief. Facebook and blogging kept us close for long but when such a misfortune befalls upon you, there is nothing I could do then shed tears of sorrow and feel sorry for you being the fateful patient. 

For sure, your appetite will be low, and your nights will be sleepless; you will definitely miss your mother’s love and care, and affections of your beloved relatives, but I would like to request you to take proper food and medications, and keep your spirit glowing. As said by your lecturer, strong mind can conquer everything and I know you have that spirit as you have proved your strength in many occasions in the past. Also remember that there is nobody in this world who loves and cares us the way we do for ourselves (Rang-lay chea-pa jur-pa ne. Jig-ten de-nang med-zhen dhu...). I also requested my cousin to visit you constantly and give necessary support. I am glad to learn that your condition is better now and as days passed by, you will regain your health and strength back to normalcy under the auspices of your lecturers and friends out there.

Wishing You a Speedy Recovery.
May God bless You.
With love. 

- Your friend Letro. "

How emotionally he has written on his blog: "He kindly withdraw his icy hands"